Lady Gaga Shows Her Love For Paco Rabanne's Designs During The 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards!
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Lady Gaga Shows Her Love For Paco Rabanne’s Designs During The 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards!

Lady Gaga Shows Her Love For Paco Rabanne's Designs During The 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards!Photos: Zimbio;
I missed getting to see the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards, but thankfully through pictures I was able to see that the silver metallic Paco Rabanne dress that Lady Gaga wore early in the show was just the first of many that the “Marry The Night” singer would wear during the ceremony.

While accepting the award on stage for “Best Video”, Mother Monster wore a metallic emerald long-sleeve top and pencil skirt with an asymmetric cutout at the neck revealing an iridescent underlay of color. This was easily my favorite look that she wore. It looked amazing on her, especially considering the fact that she left the plate hat. This was also the most simplistic look…as if there’s anything simple about Gaga.

For another acceptance, this time for “Best Song”, Gaga wore another metallic green dress. This one was a lighter shade with an accordian pleated one shouldered bodice. The extended design off her shoulder looks dangerous, I would have whacked myself in the face several times throughout the night. Maybe it’s a good reason she had that hat to run interference.

Gaga selected the enormous red folded neck-piece during her performance, but wore a two-piece paillete costume underneath. The hat remained on for part of the song.

Scratch what I said earlier about that emerald look being the most simplistic. While in the press room with her much-deserved trophies, Gaga wore a gorgeous silver gown from the collection.

No major frills, no hat. It was just a great design that fit her great.

Her ponytail totally reminds me of the one I gave my Skipper doll back in the day…after I gave her layers. While I think Skipper did have blue glitter lipstick, I wish I had tried to put glitter eyebrows on her. Gaga’s green pair are insanely awesome.

Oh, the memories.

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