The Start of Forever: Bella’s Magical Bridal Details

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1Photo credits: Summit Entertainment; Entertainment Weekly; Neiman Marcus; Alfred Angelo; Hot Topic
After real-life royal nuptials and a 72-day “reality” marriage; it appears that the fictional wedding between “Twilight”s vampire Edward Cullen and his human bride Bella Swan might actually come out on top as the #1 most-talked about wedding of the year!

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” is already crushing the cinematic competition in theaters all over the world — it’s been out for less than a week, by the way — and people still can’t stop talking about what a magical wedding it was for the romantic lead characters.

From the setting, to the groom (me-ow Robert Pattinson), the music, the vows, and of course — the fashion. Her real-life big day may not have arrived yet, but one thing is for sure — Kristen Stewart makes a beautiful bride. In fact, I’m pretty sure the theater goers in front of me were a bit annoyed by how much my friends and I were whispering our love and appreciation on everything from her hair, to the make-up, and last but certainly not least — the gown!

In addition to the anticipated dress — without spoiling the movie scene — I can’t express how excited I was that director Bill Condon gave the ‘shoe fetish freak’ in me something to fawn over with major focus on her bridal pumps!

Bella's father Charlie gives her away to Edward during their wedding in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1.Let’s break down her wedding look…

“Breaking Dawn” make-up artist Stacey Panepinto turned Bella from a casual teen into a blushing bride with pink tinged cheeks, rosy lips, and smokey eyes. Her fresh face was complimented by a wispy up-‘do hairstyle that featured stray pieces that framed her face in addition to a braid on each side that was woven into a elegant chignon. A custom-made diamond and sapphire hair comb sat at the crown of her head above a floor length veil.

As you watched the film you were greeted with all of the above before the incredible gown, designed by Carolina Herrera, was slowly revealed to you!

Herrera followed the description of the dress from Stephenie Meyer’s book and from that, she created a gorgeous long-sleeve gown that featured Chantilly lace in the back which surrounded a sheer very low dipping cutout at the back. There were nearly 200 buttons that began from the top to the bottom of the dress! This design continued on the embroidered wrists of Bella’s dress.

Kristen Stewart & Ashley Greene in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1I won’t go further into detail if you’re the one person who hasn’t seen the movie yet — although my description is not nearly enough to explain this work of art that took Carolina six months to create.

Kristen’s on-screen father, played by Billy Burke, guided her down the aisle. This came in handy for more than just tradition — it can’t be easy to gracefully walk on grass (it was an outdoor wedding) in floor-length dress while wearing nearly a five inch heel!

As with her runway collections, Herrera teamed up with her friend Manolo Blahnik to Manolo Blahnik Swan Embellished Satin Pump, Whitecreate Bella’s shoes. While the gown was being made, a rep for Blahnik tells The Fashion Court that the two designers spent over two months creating the “Swan”; a white satin pump with a crystal-beaded vine applique that spans from the vamp and up the outer side.


Bella was simply breathtaking from head-to-toe.

Forget ‘taking a page from the book’ — if you dream to to live out a piece of Bella’s fairytale wedding yourself — fear not, you can. Alfred Angelo is the only bridal manufacturer licensed to create Bella’s bridal gown for you to own! You can wear Bella’s dress for your own wedding — or prom, if that’s what you’re in to. Details are here on this website.

Angelo is also currently offering a lucky Twilighter the opportunity to win the dress!

Word has it that in the near future Ms. Herrera will be selling her custom gown in her boutiques. It’s up to you which route you take when selecting the dress for your big day.  If you’re on a budget, you can best believe there will be drastic differences in the price of both designs.

It doesn’t stop there.

Neiman Marcus is currently selling the exact same pair of Carolina Herrera-designed Manolo Blahnik pumps Bella wore in the movie for a cool $1,295. You have the option of choosing white like Bella, black or cranberry!

Hot Topic; Alfred Angelo licensed replicas from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1Feel like going overboard? Why not!

Hot Topic has a replica of her hair comb and engagement ring/band set while you can purchase the porcelain wedding reception plates – yes, plates – through Carmona New York.

Now you’re pretty much set.

All you need is Edward.

Go see “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” in theaters now!

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