From Tip to Toe: How to Get Kristen Stewart's 'Breaking Dawn' UK Premiere Beauty Look -- Straight from Her Make-Up Artist!
From Tip to Toe

How to Get Kristen Stewart’s “Breaking Dawn” UK Premiere Beauty Look — Straight from Her Make-Up Artist!

From Tip to Toe: How to Get Kristen Stewart's 'Breaking Dawn' UK Premiere Beauty Look -- Straight from Her Make-Up Artist!Photos:; (below) Laura Mercier; Armani; Dior; Dolce & Gabbana; Prescriptives, Harrods; Sephora; MAC; Neiman Marcus
All eyes were on Kristen Stewart at the London premiere of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” on November 16th when the 21-year-old actress arrived on the white carpet at Westfield Stratford City in a gorgeous black sequin and bead-embellished gown by Roberto Cavalli.

Taking a closer look, it became obvious that her make-up was just as glam as her dress! In no time at all, Kristen fans — and beauty enthusiast alike — began seeking out the colors and tips on how to achieve her dramatic metallic smokey eye.

London based make-up artist Emma Kotch, the woman responsible for getting Kristen ready-carpet-ready, was kind enough to share the secrets behind Kristen’s vampy look at the premiere with The Fashion Court!

First things first — to create a base Emma covered blemishes evenly using Laura Mercier‘s fantastic ‘Secret Camouflage’ concealer in “SC-2″ ($28) before applying Dior‘s ‘Skinflash Radiance’ booster pen ($37 ea.) in both “Roseglow 001” and “Candle Light 002”. This amazing tool from Dior is a fully covering lightweight concealer that takes only one click and stroke to immediately diminish the dark shadows beneath the eyes.

As she has done on Kristen in the past, Emma then blended in a mixture of the #4 and #6 shades of the  ‘Luminous Silk’ foundation from Armani ($59). (note: You can use a sponge, a foundation brush, or the tips of your fingers to apply the dots of foundation on your cheeks, chin, forehead and the tip of the nose. Blend, blend, blend to avoid lines!)

To avoid any caking or streaking, it’s very important to set the make-up — while also giving the skin a little glow. Emma used Dior‘s ‘Capture Totale’ high definition loose powder ($44) to add a little brightness and radiance to Kristen’s skin. The soft texture smooths the complexion, but remains virtually invisible. For a natural appearance, lightly apply the powder to your whole face with the included brush. If you’re going for a refined look, use the powder puff to apply softly and smoothly.

From Tip to Toe: How to Get Kristen Stewart's 'Breaking Dawn' UK Premiere Beauty Look -- Straight from Her Make-Up Artist!For her cheeks, Emma once again blended a combination of colors to give Kristen’s cheeks a subtle pink luster. She used the stunning ‘Luminous Cheek Colour’ blush by Dolce&Gabbana Make-Up ($44 ea.) in both “Nude” and “Rose” on Kristen’s high cheek bones. As you can see, the key is to not go heavy — you definitely want to keep as much of a natural appearance as possible.

To highlight Kristen’s perfectly groomed eyebrows, Emma sharpened their appearance with the amazing ‘Brow Sculptor’ in “Taupe” from Tom Ford‘s coveted beauty line ($42).

Now for my favorite part of the look — the eyes. Who better to tell you how to achieve her sultry smokey look than the person who did it for Kristen?

Going for the exact colors used on K.Stew? Here’s what you’ll need: Emma used colors from Dior‘s ‘5-Colour Designer All-In-One Artistry Pallette’ ($59) in “Smokey Design” as well as the “Carbon” high-pigment eyeshadow from M.A.C Cosmetics ($15).

“I start by putting the lightest colour on the lid and line the eye inside and out with black pencil and smudge if needed.” Emma used the Prescriptives soft lining eye pencil in “Jet” (note: Now discontinued!).

“Next I apply a medium grey on the outer corner of the eye and then blend it back inwards along the socket line and gently beneath the eye. When that is even, I add the darkest colour — in this case black — and fade the edges, including smudging it out to add a gentle wing. Liquid eyeliner is applied along the top lash liner and a small amount of a shiny silvery white goes on the side of the eye near the tear duct.”

Emma used a shiny punch up powder for the inner corner of Kristen’s eyes. Her liquid liner of choice was the Dior ‘Diorliner’ Liquid Eyeliner ($33), the precision-perfect brush tip allows for a smooth and even application.

“I finished with lashings of mascara as then we don’t need to apply false lashes,” says Emma. She applied black ‘Phenomen’Eyes’ mascara by Givenchy ($29.50) to Kristen’s lashes.

Time to complete the look! Emma neatly lined and lightly filled Kristen’s lips with Dolce&Gabbana’s ‘Precision Lipliner’ in “Nude” ($30) before giving her pout a glossy finish with a beige shade of Dolce&Gabbana‘s ‘Ultra-Shine Lipgloss’ ($29 ea.). To get the look, try shades “Shimmer”, “Caramel”, or “Honey”!

And there you have it — another fabulous red carpet look from K.Stew. When I asked Emma about working with Kristen, she had nothing but great things to say, of course! “Kristen’s great to work with. She’s adorable, beautiful, interesting, funny and very down to Earth.”

She looked as beautiful as ever at the London premiere — I can’t wait until the next time these two team up! Now that you’re all set, don’t waste any time trying it at home. There’s still plenty of holiday parties to show this glam look off, including the biggest party of all — New Year’s Eve!

From Tip to Toe: How to Get Kristen Stewart's 'Breaking Dawn' UK Premiere Beauty Look -- Straight from Her Make-Up Artist!1. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation; 2. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer; 3. Dior Skinflash Radiance Booster Pen; 4. Dior Capture Totale Loose Powder; 5. Dolce & Gabbana Luminous Cheek Colour; 6. Tom Ford Beauty Brow Sculptor; 7. Dior 5 Colour Designer All In One Artistry Palette Eye Shadow; 8. M.A.C. Cosmetics Eye Shadow; 9. Givenchy Phenomen Eyes Mascara; 10. Prescriptives Eye Pencil; 11. Dior Diorliner Liquid Eyeliner; 12. Dolce & Gabbana Precision Lip Liner; 13. Dolce & Gabbana Ultra Shine Lipgloss

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