Robert Pattinson Rocks GUCCI Throughout "Cosmopolis"!

Robert Pattinson Rocks GUCCI Throughout “Cosmopolis”!

Robert Pattinson Rocks GUCCI Throughout "Cosmopolis"!Photos: Robsessed; (below) Bluefly
Since Robert Pattinson made a major splash in Hollywood back in 2008, after landing the lead role as the sexy vampire Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” saga film franchise, he’s been building up a fantastic fashion résumé of very suave looks. From his go-to palette of greys, to his bold choices of bright blues and red, there’s no doubt that he went from ‘unkempt’ on the red carpet to ‘stylishly irresistible’. Among his many suits, there’s one European luxury label that has been a constant part of his wardrobe… the Italian fashion house of Gucci!

You can imagine how less-than-surprised I was when I learned that, not only does Rob like to rock a little Gucci on the red carpet for his movie premieres, he likes to do the same in his movies.

Personally, I think he should just wear a suit at all times. Not really practical, but who cares?

Rob spent most of the past summer in Toronto, Canada filming the upcoming David Cronenberg-directed thrilling movie “Cosmopolis” — based off the 2003 novel by Don DeLillo. The film takes place over the course of one day, and throughout that one day I can tell you that Rob’s character Eric Packer is ‘dressed to kill’ in a black Gucci “Signoria” suit.

Robert Pattinson Rocks GUCCI Throughout 'Cosmopolis'! Robert Pattinson Rocks GUCCI Throughout 'Cosmopolis'! Robert Pattinson Rocks GUCCI Throughout 'Cosmopolis'!

His two-button notch lapel jacket with two front-flap pockets (and a ticket pocket) and fitted trouser suit (with a silk white button-down shirt, black leather belt and black silk tie) goes through a lot with him — steamy hook-ups, an out-of-control rave, an unfortunate hair-cut, and many more antics.

You’ll have to wait until next year to see Rob on the big screen in “Cosmopolis”, but why wait to enjoy some photos of the dashing 25-year-old English actor and ‘the’ suit.

Can he please be the face of the Gucci menswear line now? I’ll even take a few cologne ads at this point.

Update: May 24, 2012

Gucci just released a sketch of the bespoke suit Robert wears in the movie! Check it out below.
Not included in the sketch? The J12 Chrome 41mm Chanel watch his character wears!

Robert Pattinson Rocks GUCCI Throughout "Cosmopolis"!Illustration courtesy of Gucci

Robert Pattinson Rocks GUCCI Throughout "Cosmopolis"!Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon in a scene from COSMOPOLIS. | Photo: Caitlin Cronenberg

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  1. Margaret

    Robert looks fabulous with everything he wares but this suit makes him look like a bad guy who will wipe your clothes off.

  2. leen

    he totally rocked GUCCI SUITS! from maroon to blue to brown to gray to black! even the designer for Gucci think so too!

  3. maah

    amazing post, can’t wait to see him rocking the Gucci on the big screen

  4. kimq

    I would die if Rob became the face of Gucci. The man looks brilliant in a suit. He wears them like no other.

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