Kristen Stewart in Erdem | 'On The Road' New York Premiere
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Kristen Stewart in Erdem | “On The Road” New York Premiere

Kristen Stewart in Erdem | 'On The Road' New York PremierePhotos: Zimbio;; Christian Louboutin; Cartier
Kristen Stewart pointed out that she’s just not done with sheer dresses tonight when she attended the New York premiere of “On The Road”. Just last night she attended a special screening for the movie in sexy sheer stripes!

I usually have some pom-poms out waving when reviewing Kristen’s red carpet looks—figuratively speaking—because I like the chances she takes, and they usually pay off. I wish that were the case tonight but, sadly, it wasn’t.

The 22-year-old arrived at the SVA Theater to join her costars wearing a Erdem ice blue bralette and matching high-waist shorts under a sheer bead-embellished overlay, from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. This is a fun and flirty little dress for the summertime, but we’re approaching the winter season and it looks like she’s in a retro swimsuit with an attached cover up.

Most of all, it was way too tight at her mid-section.

Kristen Stewart in Erdem | 'On The Road' New York Premierel-r: Sam Riley, Kirsten Dunst, Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart.

As someone who is a fan of her outfits more often than not, and was pulling for a knock-out moment tonight, I’m really bummed that I didn’t like this. I saw some photos on Twitter from people at the event and thought I did at first, but I can’t get into it. Maybe it looked better in person. Maybe I’d like it more if it wasn’t sheer. But, you know, dress aside—everything else was good.

Kristen complimented the orange and hot pink beaded detail with a neon coral version of her favorite Christian Louboutin “Pigalle” pumps. #ShoeEnvy, seriously. Her hair looked fab in a bouncy ponytail and those sultry cat-lined eyes were a major improvement over last night’s red eyeshadow.

After all is said and done, I still applaud her risk-taking. But, this was not okay.

Do you think it’s time for Kristen to take a sheer break?

Kristen Stewart in Erdem | 'On The Road' New York Premiere Kristen Stewart in Erdem | 'On The Road' New York Premiere Kristen Stewart in Erdem | 'On The Road' New York Premiere

Christian Louboutiun Neon PIGALLE Pointed Toe Pumps 

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  1. Roxy

    Everything was perfect and beautiful above her shoulders. My God. Enough of see through-cut off dresses Kris, please!

    pd: even my boyfriend was like “wtf is that girl wearing!”… and then “wow, check out her mustache!” hahahaha He was surprised cuz he likes that she is so naturally beautiful xD

  2. Lia

    this is bad…winter in NYC is different form LA winter…too tight…too short….shoes too big…she’s trying to transition to adult roles….but this is NOT the way.

  3. Sté

    I’m not happy with her choice. The outfit is just totally wrong for the place and time. I admit that I like when she takes risk with fashion, but you do not need to take risks everytime.

    First, it’s December. It’s New york. At night. It’s a Premiere of a serious movie. I hate to say this, but look so cheap. The dress is too short, it’s see through…

    That doesn’t mean I don’t like the dress, because I really do like it. It’s pretty, young, funny… But it’s for summer, for a Teen Award Show etc…

    The shoes. Oh, my God. I hate neon things. It’s not them, it’s me… No one would make me wear them. But, I think they compliment well the dress, give a more funny vibe for the look.

    I like the make-up, I like the hair… But this look it’s a BIG no for me.

    Above all the things I said, I think it’s not very Kristen-like. So different from the Catherine Malandrino dress she wore, that whole look just screamed Kristen Stewart.

    I can see Katy Perry with this Erdem dress… She would rock it.

  4. Daisy Kenyon

    I know I am in a minority–I absolutely love it!

  5. Claudine

    Too short, too light-weight and unseasonal.
    It looks rather untidy.
    I wished someone had tugged the outfit down a bit before the photo-shoot, to minimise the unseemly rolled-over waist band and the creases at the hips.
    The shoes do not match and a light blue (as per the runway picture) would have been a better colour.

    Good hair (off the face suits her better).

  6. anna

    For a premiere for your work Im thinking you would want to look more “respectable”, right? But, I’m also thinking she is promoting her part. Which is what actors do when a movie of theirs is coming out. Around the time of the runaways she was rockered out everywhere she went, swath she kept the snow white extensions everywhere she went. Now she’s looking more promiscuous.

  7. Brittney

    It’s not my favorite, but I love that however modest she is, she’s not afraid to show skin. I wish she would wear more fall/winter items (she is in NY and this is obviously very much a SS outfit) and as much as she can pull it off, she’s been wearing almost *too* much sheer for me. :/ But she’s known for wearing what she wants and she does, and I’m okay with that. The shoes though. I mean, really. I can’t get over how much I want them in my closet.

  8. Georgia

    This is horrific. From the unflattering style and too tight fit to the too large shoes (KStewart has a habit of wearing shoes that are too large) to the greasy face, this is a fail on every level.

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