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Kristen Stewart in BCBG, A.L.C. and H&M | “On The Road” Vanity Fair Screening Series

Kristen Stewart in BCBG, A.L.C. and H&M | 'On The Road' Vanity Fair Screening Series V.I.P. ScreeningPhotos: kstewartfans; Bergdorf Goodman
I sure hope Kristen Stewart is feeling better considering she was back out last night for yet another screening of her new movie “On The Road”, this time at Skywalker Ranch in San Francisco. I’m so jealous.

The 22-year-old joined directors Walter Salles and Francis Ford Coppola (not pictured), and her costar Garrett Hedlund for a Q&A following the Vanity Fair VIP screening—presented by Hugo Boss. Kristen wore a contrast collar, single-button “Bowie” tailored tuxedo blazer by BCBG that she partnered with sexy black leather H&M leggings with discreet ankle zips; Kristen broke the ensemble up with a simple white A.L.C. tee. Where was this non-transparent top a few days ago?

Kristen Stewart in BCBG, A.L.C. and H&M | 'On The Road' Vanity Fair Screening Series V.I.P. Screeningl-r: Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund and Walter Salles during the Q&A.

I personally dig this outfit because I’m a tad (a lot) obsessed with blazers and I love leather leggings. This reminded me of what she wore over the summer at the Teen Choice Awards. With that said, considering the tee was tucked in—I would have rather that she left the jacket closed for a streamlined finish.

Kristen styled her locks in her famous voluminous waves as she added a pop of color to the look with glossy red lips that matched her RED PUMPS. That’s right, she topped it all off with holiday perfect ruby patent Christian Louboutin “Elisa” pumps (sold out). I love colorful heels, so it was nice to see her hang up her favorite black “Pigalle” heels for one night and opt for these.

So, there you have it—a really cute ‘almost suit’ with leather leggings, red lips and sassy red pumps. Thumbs up.

What did you think of Kristen’s three piece look?

Christian Louboutin ELISA Patent Pumps

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  1. andi

    This is just so….basic, she want’s to stand out & be a star, but her attitude & body language and clothes tell everyone otherwise

    At least the hair looks cleaner than usually, but really someone needs to tell her when she flips her hair like that it shows her estensions, also Verionca Lake is NOT someone to emulate, she had a bad reputation and ended hopeless in NYC, considering KSTEW’s current repuation, she shouldn’t want people think of Lake.

    • Lola

      Red fades the fastest. I think her hair dresser tells her to only wash a couple times a week to keep it longer, but she can’t get away with that. She needs to have it retouched monthly, and use a color conditioner a couple times a week. If she’s not willing to, she should just go back to her natural dark brown.

    • Daisy Kenyon

      LOL whoa…..

  2. K delle

    I just love her and don’t really care what she’s wearing but if you need an answer I think she looks great…Love the leather leggings,they look great on her and the jacket but the Red pumps are to die for…Love the whole look and especially her make up and hair,she’s Flawlessly Stunning!!!

  3. Georgina

    I literally just had a meltdown and freaked out. One of her biggest fans in San Francisco and I did not even know she was in the Bay Area. I keep reading everywhere that it was Skywalker Ranch, but that would be in the Marin County, across the GGB. Sooo, you know, not actually in SF, but so so so so close. GAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH She looks absolutely stunning as always! She definitely loves her blazers and they love her!! So freaking obsessssssed

  4. Tracy

    Love the blazer want it like now. Love her shoes and lipstick. Great look

  5. Tracy

    Will that jacket be available at Dillard’s? They carry limited items of BCBG and I want that blazer like now. Kristen looked great, love the shoes and lips.

  6. Zoe

    OH I’m sure Kristen cares what some basic chick thinks of whether or not she tucked in her shirt. LMAO.

    • The Fashion Court

      I’m sure she doesn’t care whether she tucked it in or left it out. But thanks for dropping by, reading the post, and then taking time to write that insightful comment. 🙂

  7. Veronique

    I loved it, simple and put together at the same time. She can rarely do wrong in my book!

  8. Angie

    where do you buy the jacket ?

    • The Fashion Court

      Right now, I’ve only seen the jacket in different prints. I’m assuming it’s a new release that will be on in a few weeks. I would keep checking back!

  9. Jen

    Simply love it! I’m happy she opted for a different pair of shoes, I like her pigalle pumps but it’s nice to see her with something different xD

  10. Daisy Kenyon

    I love it and I wish Kristen would wear blazers more often–perfect for her.

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