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2013 OSCARS - WISH LISTphoto via The Academy
It’s almost time for, arguably, the biggest award show of the year!   The 85th annual Academy Awards will be taking place in Hollywood in less than two days time, and while we wait with baited breath for who will take home the honors this year–let’s play with fashion!   We won’t know who’s wearing what until Sunday, but it’s always fun to dream up possibilities–isn’t it? Normally I don’t “predict” as much as I “wish”, but this time around, I believe it went hand-in-hand.

Enjoy my picks (and the reasons behind all of them) for some of this years Academy Award nominees and presenters below.  Come back to The Fashion Court on Sunday, February 24th for a recap of all the red carpet style.

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2013 OSCARS - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;

I was a bit apprehensive to include this Jenny Packham dress at first because the silhouette was so similar to what Amy wore last year.  But, then, I figured–if it’s flattering, it works. Besides, how many girls stick to strapless numbers like they’re physically glued to the cut?  I adore the shimmering gold and the necklace which dubs as a gorgeous necklace.  Amy could wear her hair up or down and accessorize with gold, white gold, and even colorful jewelry as you can see she enjoys. I’m all for it, and that’s why it’s my first choice.


I’ve been in love with this Elie Saab gown for a long time now, as you can see that it comes from the Fall 2010 Haute Couture collection.  What must I say to convince you when it kind of speaks for itself?  The exquisite silhouette, glittering ruby color, fanned chiffon sleeves and flawless embroidery is breathtaking. I’m baffled that I’ve yet to see it on anyone.  I think Amy could score a few “Best Dressed” points if she showed up in this beautiful dress.

Hey, she did well with her last Saab.


Amy often sticks by a few designers on the credit carpet, and Giambattista Valli is one of them.  There are a lot of stunning and creative designs in the new Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection, but there’s also a simplistic classic beauty about this strapless black gown with draping under the bust that caught my eye from Pre-Fall 2013.  I’d love to see Amy accessorize with colorful jewels, maybe garnet, sapphire or a canary yellow diamond.


2013 OSCARS - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;

There’s no doubt that Helen has been hitting some serious red carpet high notes this awards season.  I want to see the “Sessions” nominated actress keep it up for the biggest ceremony of all, and this Spring 2013 design by Talbot Runhof might be the key.  She loves glitter and has some very toned arms, and sleeveless square cuts seem to flatter her well. I love the iridescent shimmer of this blue gown, and that black tulle asymmetric layer is very eye-catching. This would be memorable.


Sticking with somewhat of the same silhouette as the previous dress, I selected this absolutely gorgeous emerald gown from latest Badgley Mischka Fall/Winter 2013 runway collection.  I instantly envisioned Helen wearing it—and rocking it. I love the deep shade of green, and feel like the cut would truly flatter her toned figure.  I’d also love for Helen to wear her hair out.


From the cut to the color, this dress is perfect! Gilles created a very versatile gown for his Fall 2013 collection; I could see this on the younger generation of starlets like Kristen Stewart while also being a brilliant fit for a woman in her thirties or forties, like Helen. It’s walks on the sexy edge, but it’s also very refined. This gown is so high on my Wish List that even if Helen doesn’t wear it, I still hope to see it on the Oscar carpet. It would be just the icing on the cake if it were Helen!

2013 OSCARS - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;

When I first saw this dress presented with the Fall 2013 collection, my jaw dropped.  I’ve been up and down with the past few Marchesa collections, but this reminds me of designs from several seasons ago that made me fall for the brand.  The rich shade of red, breathtaking structure and regal gold embroidery along the bodice all make up such an ideal Oscar gown, and I may have psyched myself up for disappointment if Naomi doesn’t wear it.  It helps that she’s a fan of the label.


I’m expecting for Naomi to wear Zac Posen on Oscar night as she often chooses the designer for her red carpet looks.  If she should turn to him this time around, I hope someone woos her in the right direction of this epic rusted orange structured gown from his Fall 2013 line.  I may like them from time to time, but I’m not one to go completely “ga-ga” over peplums.  That being said, I may have let out a tiny squeal when I saw this dress. Stunning, absolutely stunning!  If Naomi bums me out and doesn’t wear it, someone should.


You probably thought you’d see a lot of pastel lace embroidered gowns from the new Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection by Mr. Saab show up on this list, but it’s actually the unique black lace and colorful sequin floral pattern designs that caught my eye most of all this time around. I really loved how this strapless dress turned out, and while I wish it had some thin black straps attached to it, I dig it all the same. It would be an interesting choice for Naomi, but not one I doubt she could pull off.  A super sleek mane would be a good pairing–maybe even a trim to her blonde locks for a shoulder-grazing style.


2013 OSCARS - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;

While I know there are a few designers Jessica obviously sticks by—and I fully expect her to walk the red carpet in a Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Armani, or Prada custom dress, I couldn’t let this list go without including an ultimate favorite of mine for the Best Actress nominee. I watched an interview where Jessica talked about her favorite dresses, and she said something along the lines of being a fan of one that really show off a woman’s body.  Naturally, the work of Zac Posen popped in my mind.  I adore the delicious maroon shade of this off-the-shoulder gown, and I thnk it would be drop-dead-gorgeous on the ginger-haired lady. I also believe it hit the mark on appreciating the female form.


There’s a vintage old Hollywood beauty about the rise-and-fall silhouette of this Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013 black gown with silver floral embroidery.  In addition to being nominated for “Zero Dark Thirty”, I imagine Jessica might also be a presenter. Can’t you visualize her stepping out from being the curtains on the Oscar stage as she walks to the mic in this?  I can.  She can also wear her hair up, down, or partially up. The possibilities are endless.


Due to Jessica’s love for a true womanly dress, and the fact that I think she might surprise us on Oscar night, I figured this dove grey off-the-shoulder gown by Marchesa would be a beautiful option for her. It might be hard to picture the star wearing it as I don’t believe she’s ever attempted this shape before, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work–and work well. Because of the modest qualities though, I wouldn’t want Jessica to wear her hair in a serious up ‘do as it could add some years.


2013 OSCARS - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jennifer arrived wearing Christian Dior, whether it be custom, vintage or straight from the runway.  She’s been donning the label at every major show as she’s the new face of the “Miss Dior” brand.  In fact, I’d be much more shocked if the Best Actress nominee didn’t wear Dior.  That being said, there weren’t too many dresses on the Spring 2013 Haute Couture runway that I saw as ideal look for JLaw—with the exception of this short jewel embroidered gown strapless number. I would love it if they customized it to be full length for her.


Being one of the hip young stars at the award ceremony this year, JLaw can get away with bit more of a funky look.  I know ladies tend to feel like they have to go above and beyond because it’s the Oscars, but there’s a reason for the “less is more” phrase.  If she blows my mind and passes on Dior, I think it would be cool to see the “Silver Linings Playbook” rock this netted Giambattista Valli black asymmetric gown.  Basically because those matching leggings are fierce.


Keeping in theme with that subtle approach to glamour, I’m a bit in love with this pale gathered silk v-neck Jason Wu gown.  Actually, I’m kind of obsessed with the entire Pre-Fall 2013 collection from him.  Jennifer looks beautiful in ivory dresses, and I think the slinky silhouette of this would really highlight her curves. Gold jewelry, complimenting heels and a fabulous hairstyle could make her a definite Oscar winner on the red carpet.  JLaw opted for “minimalist” in 2011 with that sexy red gown, and that’s still one of her best ever fashion moments in my eyes.


2013 OSCARS - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;

Anne has taken every opportunity presented to her this awards season to wear an archived design from one of her favorite designers.  While most of Hollywood has been grabbing at the latest designs, the “Les Misèrables” star has been dipping into some old favorites that never got the red carpet treatment.  If she does this at the Oscars this weekend, and she probably will, then how pretty would this choice of the deep blue heavy peplum gown from Chanel‘s Fall 2009 Haute Couture collection be? Anne would totally rock it with that short ‘do she’s got going on!


After having a bit of fun with Chanel, I took a trip down memory lane to the Fall 2005 Haute Couture collection by Valentino—and this blue-violet dress is what I found!   If the Best Supporting actress nominee wants to wear something a little more fluid than a tight column or a structured peplum, then this single shoulder silk gown would be a dream of a choice. I especially love the shimmering embellishments.


Not all is old here! With the recent arrival of Spring 2013 Haute Coutue Fashion Week came several lipstick red gowns at Armani Privé. There are few women that I feel could handle this straight-forward slim design with an interesting bar detailed neck accessory—but believe Anne could. I may also just be trying to get her in red.


2013 OSCARS - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;

I didn’t even bother with another designer because I’m pretty set on Marion wearing Christian Dior Couture if she attends this year. That could be taken as a “prediction” or simply a “wish” for the big night, but regardless…Marion is devoted.  She wears the label to practically every event given her love of the brand and working campaign relationship with it for a long time now.  I’m betting on a custom look for the Oscars, but I could also see her dipping into the new Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection.  There are several looks that I feel the “Rust & Bone” actress could pull off, but my two absolute favorites is the gorgeous floral strapless tea-length gown and the super sexy navy strapless silk dress with a wave of pink flower appliqués.  She would look simply stunning in either.

Marion may have already worn a dress from the collection at the BAFTAs recently, but at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards a few weeks ago she donned two custom couture dresses created from designs presented with Pre-Fall 2013. Should that happen again, then I hope Marion considers this angled white dress with black ribbon detail.  It doesn’t have to be in the same colors nor do I want/expect her to also wear the trousers, but this dress would look fantastic on her.  I know Marion can pull it off.


2013 OSCARS - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;

After a solid track record of wearing long sleeve black gowns on the red carpet, I think we got a bit of a treat when Adele wore that colorful lace Valentino dress at the Grammys this year. Although it got mixed reviews, it was still a fresh step ‘outside of the box’ and I appreciated that.  It also gave me high hopes that I could see the “Skyfall” singer wearing this lacy tea-length gown from the new Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection by Giambattista Valli. Pretty please?


Okay, maybe that dress actually just spoiled me because I couldn’t help myself from picking this regal Fall 2013 purple velvet gown for her! It might be warm on the red carpet, but this is a wish list, and in my fashion dreamland it will be cool enough for the songbird to arrive on Oscar night wearing this dreamy floor-length design by Alberta Ferretti. At least we know she’s already a fan of the silhouette, right?


Don’t take this dress right at face-value, there’s a method to my madness. In fashion “wishing” comes the ability to select a dress and include make-believe modifications.  I would love to see Adele wear this Pre-Fall 2013 beaded Valentino black gown, cut the sleeves to the elbows and readjust that neckline into more of a “scoop”. Can you see it on her? I can, and it looks beautiful.


2013 OSCARS - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;

Amanda has a very wide-range of tastes when it comes to clothes. One minute she’ll get really feminine in ruffles and lace, and then she’ll opt for a more sophisticated cut before bouncing into sexy glamour. Considering she doesn’t have the pressure that some of the nominees do, I could see Amanda wearing something beautiful and very comfortable. I really love this cap sleeve embroidered black Elie Saab gown from Spring 2013 Haute Couture. The design is stunning, but it’s also very youthful and flattering for the body. A high ponytail or long glamorous waves would be a great match.


Maybe I’m still obsessed over her blue magic a few weeks ago, but a mermaid train is my new favorite silhouette for the “Les Misèrables” star. I may already be attached to the idea of her arriving in this light green Georges Hobeika gown from his Spring 2013 Haute Couture line, but I can’t help it. I really want Amanda to wear it.


She may play with a lot of different designers, but on certain nights I’ve noticed that Amanda likes to turn to some of the oldest, most beloved fashion houses. This strapless red ball gown from Valentino Spring 2013 Haute Couture just screams something she would be into. Knowing that, and picturing how pretty she could look in it, were the two obvious reasons of why I included it on my list. Besides, Amanda can have some accessory fun with this one.


2013 OSCARS - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;

It would take me by surprise if Charlize didn’t wear a Christian Dior gown–as she so often does after signing on as the face of the J’Adore by DIOR fragrance. I included this gorgeous purple sheer ruched-and-embellished gown from the Spring 2012 Haute Couture collection on one of my other wish lists before, but when I found out that Charlize would be a presenter at the Oscars this year—you can best believe that was getting included. This is, by far, has to be one of my most favorite recent Dior gowns and Charlize is ideally my woman top wear it. Being completely stunning aside, she has the statuesque figure and glamorous grace to bring new life to it. Also, please take into account that she has a short and dark pixie hair cut right now.  Now picture it with a little body and height while she’s in this dress? Are you sold on the idea now? Thought so.


If Charlize doesn’t wear Dior to the Academy Awards this year, then I’d love to see her in some Elie Saab.  It’s not something I’m use to seeing on her, therefore it would be something fun and refreshing.  If she does—I’m seeing red.  I’d love for her to wear this striking embroidered silk gown, but without the cape. As much as I think she could pull it off, the comparisons to Gwyneth’s Tom Ford look last year would overshadow it all.


Remember when I told you to ‘picture’ a bit of spike in her new pixie ‘do? Good. Keep that image in mind when you envision the “Mad Max 4” star in this sexy silver lamé crossover dress by Donna Karan.  Charlize would be a goddess in this beauty!  I would just hope she’d select a sleek sandal or stiletto pump because those chunky sandals aren’t quite doing it for me.


2013 OSCARS - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;

Never have I wanted one of my fashion “wishes” to come true like right now. I have my heart completely set on seeing Kristen wear this glorious emerald green gown by Monique Lhuillier on Oscar night. The “On The Road” actress was recently announced as a presenter, so I was pretty excited to include her in the feature, and this was my instant first choice for her.  Seriously, this dress—it has “Kristen” written all over it!  From the long sleeves, slinky fluid fabric, and absolutely stunning embroidery—this Fall 2013 design would be a solid option, in my opinion. I’ve always thought that a jewel green would be perfect on the actress, but I’ve yet to find the “perfect” look. My search is complete.

Someone get this to Miss Stewart STAT!


I’m a longtime fan of the pairing between Kristen and Elie Saab, and despite a jumpsuit as well as a few elements here and there, she hasn’t been wearing a lot of black for awhile.  In fact, Kristen hasn’t worn a full black gown in over a year, and therefore I don’t feel bad about wanting to see her in one now.  She’s been doing really well in color, but a sexy LBD—or LBG can’t hurt.  I think this v-neck beaded floor-length dress is spectacular; it’s sophisticated yet youthful, movable, and I imagine it would create a very elegant look for her. In addition to all of that, it’s also somewhat simple in comparison to the other dresses on this list. As far as detail and color go, it might not be new for her, but I still like it. Kristen isn’t a nominee, she may not want to over-do it.


I know what you’re thinking “SHEER!? again?!”  Like most of you, despite how pretty some of it was, I agree that the lace and see-through looks during Kristen’s last two promo tours became a bit too repetitive. In her defense, she tends to go through wardrobe phases now and again; i.e.: mini dresses, single-sleeve cuts, blazers, rhinestone embellishments, and illusion lace.  I believe this semi-sheer panel gown from Jason Wu would be a good choice without going overboard. Wu’s entire Pre-Fall 2013 line is right up Kristen’s alley, but it’s this dark red that I feel would be sinfully flattering on her. Besides, the sheer is hardly as intense as she’s worn it before.

In the end, Kristen might go custom or Balenciaga—or, more than likely, something from the Zuhair Murad Spring 2013 Haute Couture Collection as the label is a favorite of hers. I’m expecting the latter, to be honest. I guess we’ll find out on Oscar Sunday!

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Which gowns were your Oscar favorites?

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  1. sonia

    I loved that Jason Wu Dress For Kristen!
    Also,I loved that Elie Saab Dress for Charlize Theron!
    God,GEORGES HOBEIKA Dress Is Great for Amanda!
    Love Ur Wishlists! <3

  2. Kenedy

    Marion is not nominated or presenting, won’t be at the Oscars.

    • The Fashion Court

      Thanks! I mentioned in my posting for Marion that it was ‘if she attended’. I didn’t want to give up hope. 😛

      • Kenedy

        Hey FC- Sorry I didn’t see that you wrote you hope Marion would be there. I’m super bummed she won’t be attendance as her BAFTA look was the highlight of awards season!

    • Jordon

      Too bad Marion won’t be there, she’s adorable. I’m only interested in what Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway will be wearing. And I’m not sure why you included Kristen Stewart on this list, I can’t believe she has the nerve to attend. She’s never been nominated for an Oscar or a Golden Globe, or even an independent spirit award. She’s not popular within the entertainment industry and if she had any class, she wouldn’t be parading on the same red carpet with Rupert Sanders, who will also be attending. The world has seen more than enough of both of them. We’ll be taking a bathroom break when she presents.

      • Lily

        You’ve got some nerve, you know that,Jordan? How did you come up with that ridiculous post? I’d say the industry respects her more than enough seeing as her performance in On The Road was widely praised by critics, she was considered for best supporting actress and invited to numerous oscar-related events. You’re childish and pathetic and should ask yourself why YOU got the nerve to write a post like that. Want to know why she has the ‘nerve’ to show up? Because the Acadamy( a.k.a THE ENTIRE FREAKING INDUSTY) ASKED her to. Now, please take that bathroom break when she comes on, in fact, why don’t you take a bathroom break during the entire show?

        • Angela

          Kristen is nominated for a Razzie, would you like to predict what she should wear when she picks that up? The only award she was nominated for this year, so deserving. She also won a poll!

          Kristen Stewart has been named the LEAST SEXY actress in Hollywood.

          The ‘Twilight Saga’ actress – who was embroiled in a scandal last year when she cheated on her co-star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson with ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ director Rupert Sanders – earned the dubious distinction in a poll of British men ahead of the Academy Awards on Sunday (24.02.13), beating the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Lindsay Lohan.

          A spokesperson for Men’s gadget website, which conducted the poll, said: ‘Our Oscars poll has been a fascinating insight into the minds of British men. It’s shown that sexiness is far more than appearance.

          ‘They were turned off by volatile and moody actresses as well as ice queens. And they don’t want to see unhealthily skinny starlets on the big screen.’

          Kristen, 22, eclipsed ‘Sex and the City’ star Sarah, 47, who ranked second, while troubled redhead Lindsay, 26, came third.

          Hooray, she is a winner after all!

      • daniel

        Jordon tu as quel age “”Elle n’a jamais été nominé pour un Oscar ou un Golden Globe, ou même un Independent Spirit Award. Elle n’est pas populaire au sein de l’industrie du divertissement” “??????
        tu devrais réviser tes devoirs en ce qui conserne (Mme KRISTERN STEWART), les gens avance dans la vie et on n’est pas en juillet 2012 mais février 2013 DONC “7mois” et pour ta gouverne personne ne sait ce qui c’est passer mais vu ton QI il est plus facile de croire au spéculaation des média que prendre qlq minute pour réfléchir. c’est dommage pour toi de vivre dans la Haine.
        l’industrie du divertissement a voulu D’elle pour les OSCARS mais toi que fais tu????

      • h'okay

        oh jeez… that was the dumbest comment I have ever seen on this site. Why, exactly, do you have to have been nominated for or won an Oscar to attend the Oscars? A TON of celebrities attend the Oscars. Justin Bieber come to mind? Girl, you sound like a scorned woman. What the hell did the girl ever do to you? You MUST be a twelve year old RPattz fan, because seriously you are acting like a sniffling child who is jealous of someone else’s toy. Grow up. The fact that you actually CARE that she’s going and will actually take the time to leave the room when she comes is… insane. Reevaluate your life, please. Some advice? Don’t be so involved in celebrities personal lives. Maybe you’ll stop making incredibly ignorant statements like you just did.

      • Tracyce

        So Kristen should not be invited, why? She was made one the movie studio over 3 billion dollars. She has been acting since she was a young child. If she can’t be invited, because she kissed a married director, I guess Angelina Jolie, brad Pitt, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Arnold Schwazenegger, Julia Roberts, James Cameron etc. should be uninvited.

        • jordon

          Sorry, SHE didn’t make Summit over $3 billion, fans were going to see the book on screen and Rob as Edward. There is no Team Bella, is there?. There’s a FastForward Edward on the DVD, no FFBella. She played a cardboard cutout blank character so that the women who bought tickets could imagine themselves in her place, end of story. Srlsy, Rob could have acted to a blank slate and the audience would have been just as happy with it. And for SWATH she had to be propped up between two guys again, and Oscar winner Charlize Theron. Stewart got the worst reviews of her life for her acting in SWATH, even worse than in all her bomb indies. They never make a profit, OTR was a massive failure, and is Rotten on RT.

          And it’s a fact that Kristen Stewart will always be remembered as an untalented actress who screwed around with her colleague’s husband in broad daylight like a moron, ruined the promo of a multibillion dollar film franchise, helped destroy a family and humiliated her boyfriend (who was the only reason most people even tolerated her). I’m sorry you don’t like reality. If it bothers you, don’t read it.

      • Rolls eyes

        FYI there is no proof Rupert will be in attendance except for a tweet stating he will be THAT IS A YEAR OLD. Stop trying to creat useless drama because you are jealous of Kristen, your just showcasing your stupidity even more

        • katie

          I can’t imagine anyone being jealous of Kristen Stewart. She trashed her own reputation by lying, cheating, and having an affair with a married father of two. Money can’t but happiness and it can’t restore your tarnished rep. She can walk the red carpet but that doesn’t change the kind of person she is, and everyone knows she has no loyalty and can’t be trusted.

          So Rupert Sanders, the director who’s film is nominated for 2 awards is not attending? Why not? Is he being punished for having an affair with an actress but she’s being rewarded? What kind of world is this?

      • The Fashion Court

        It really bums me out that comments regarding a wish list I worked hard on are being flooded with negative comments about one of the actresses. I try to approve all comments as everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please don’t turn this fun feature into drama. This isn’t a tabloid website. All of the comments are completely irrelevant to the post. Can we please stick to the clothes and the excitement for the actual show?

        • Madison

          Completely agree, couldn’t have said it better myself. If people want to fight about Kristen then they should go over to HollywoodLife and post there. HollywoodLife’s articles are trash so talk all this hatefulness and just plain stupidity over there. This Site is about FASHION!!!!!

          My favorite looks are:

          Naomi – The Elie Saab – That gown is gorgeous, I have been dying to see someone in that gown.
          Jessica – The color of the Zac Posen gown is amazing and would look stunning on her but I love the Oscar De La Renta. So the Oscar would be my pick.
          Jennifer – I love the asymmetrical Giambattista Valli gown but I would love to she her in more color.
          Adele – I love the color of the Alberta Ferretti and I think with a few tweaks it would be stunning.

          But my absolute FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE is the stunning emerald green gown by Monique Lhuillier for Kristen Stewart. As soon as I saw that dress in your wish list I fell in love with it. I love how it is conservative with the long sleeves, but still sexy and fresh and trendy with the color and the embroidery. It just flows like water, and I bet it has a killer back. I love love love this gown for her. It embodies her spirit and her casual, but still stunning grace. In one word: Exquisite!

          So sorry for my ramblings, I just couldn’t help myself.

  3. Ro

    So looking forward to Sunday (and the weather should be lovely too!). Here are my thoughts (I apologize for the rambling in advance!):
    Amy – Love the draping and drama of the Giambattista Valli gown.
    Helen – the J.Mendel dress since she has amazing shoulders and arms to show off.
    Naomi – Zac Posen, especially if she wears her hair back to show off that neckline!
    Jessica – ODLR – the detailing looks divine; with her hair up and some amazing earrings? Perfection. Jennifer – Given up on Dior since I think Marion gets first pick of their gowns so I’m going with Jason Wu – it’s young, fun and modern.
    Anne – Valentino! She usually looks amazing in his designs and the color would be beautiful on her. Marion – I think she’s one of the few that can pull off the white dress with the black pants – so cool and elegant.
    Adele – The lace Valentino is theatrical without looking campy.
    Amanda – Love her in the mermaid silhouette for Georges but it may be too similar to the SAGs, so I’ll go with Elie Saab. She’d looked amazing in both.
    Charlize – she’s a goddess, so the Donna Karan would look amazing, especially with her short hair and she would work that gown like no one’s business.
    Kristen! – The green Monique Lhuillier would be stunning, especially if she really does wear her hair to the side with a jewel piece like that ITG interview mentioned. Vintage Balenciaga would be interesting and I would die if Nicolas G. made something custom for her.

    • The Fashion Court

      What a detailed response, thank you so much for your feedback!! I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

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