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2013 MET Gala – WISH LIST

2013 MET Gala - WISH LISTphoto via CBS
The biggest fashion event of the year is finally here! The red carpet will be filled with all types of punk rock glam this Monday night for the 2013 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala where your favorite heavy-hitters in fashion, music, film and television will mingle at the stylish fête. Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci will be hosting the VOGUE soirèe that has been officially themed “PUNK: Chaos to Couture” to honor the latest exhibition at the mueseum.

From Gwyneth to Beyonce–Karlie to Joan–and KStew to Rooney Mara–they’ll all be there, and I can’t wait to see who wears what. I certainly have my ideal favorites and predictions, which you’ll find below in my biggest wish list yet!

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NOTE: Not all of these ladies are confirmed to attend the gala. It really is a “wish” list. 😉


2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
Coming off the short, but fast-moving, press tour for “Iron Man 3”, we’re expecting Gwyneth Paltrow to really “wow” at this year’s MET Ball. The star went super short (and plunging) last year in an icy blue Prada number, so I would like to see her darken things up this time around. I’m not ruling out the possiblity of Gwyneth stepping out in custom Givenchy or another beloved fashion house, but what can I say?—I have ideas in mind that I need to set free.

TOM FORD: It’s been several months since I originally fell in love with this sequined Tom Ford gown with a dangerous see-through fishnet bodice, and in those days—I’ve yet to see anyone wear it. I’m not sure if it’s because the intense design hasn’t found its fearless mate, or if it’s just been saving itself for someone special. Regardless of both, I think Gwyneth can and should handle this one. I’d love to see her turn heads on Monday in this bad-boy. Not only is it eye-catching, but I definitely think it’s up to par with the punk couture theme of the evening.

ALEXANDER McQUEEN: I have to say that I was a bit bummed to not see this Alexander McQueen gown on Gwyneth during the “Iron Man 3” press tour, but I’m still holding out hope that she will don it for a special occasion. The flared lace halter-neckline and sleek silhouette has a bit of punk-rock influence that would make it a contender for her trip down the MET Ball red carpet.

ANTHONY VACCARELLO: I could not let this wish list come and go without including a look from Anthony Vaccarello. Gwyneth loves to show off her body as much as she likes taking risks, so my choice practically picked itself. I’m style-crushing on this asymmetric LBD with a cool chain-mesh panel. Make it happen GP–make. it. happen.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
“Side Effects” star Rooney Mara will be attending this year’s ball as a guest of Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, who will also host the evening. I’m really excited about what Rooney will wear, and considering her usual tendency to opt for an edgier look–I think the “Punk: Chaos to Couture” theme is right up her alley. My basic instinct tells me that Rooney will be wearing a glorious punk-inspired custom gown by Tisci on Monday night, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be influenced by one of his past runway creations.

GIVENCHY: Should he opt to revisit his Spring 2013 collection, I really hope he draws from that stunning single shoulder white and black look, which featured fitted trousers with a full-length white tunic. It’s subtle, but that metallic strip at the shoulder really amplifies this one. I could see Rooney rocking something black-and-white as she’s been known to do on many occasions.

Fall 2013 included some of my most favorite designs by Tisci. As a Disney fanatic, I naturally fell in love with the oversize Bambi sweatshirts, but after Zoe Saldana gave me that glimpse of what’s going on under the sweaters paired with the full-length printed skirts—selecting one of them for Rooney was a no-brainier. I’m not sure if she will be up for a sheer skirt two years in a row, but I can’t help but love the lace embroidered detail and heavily embellished top; perhaps Tisci could create a sleeveless version.

I’m a bit of a “jumpsuit junkie”, and have been a forever fan of this electric punk one piece from the Spring 2010 couture collection. Rooney can rock a jumpsuit, and the shiny fabric and embellished sheer top would be perfect appropriate for an evening gala–especially one with a punk theme. If Rooney isn’t game for some bright color, I could dig this in black.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
Diane has a tendency to look absolutely incredible in practically every thing she wears. I mean, duh, that’s why she hit so high in my Best Dressed of 2012 spotlight. While I can see her sticking with the punk theme, I don’t believe she’ll go overboard with fitting the title. Diane is the type to wear a safety pin embellished dress at Cannes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she went a little more classic. She likes to drive outside of what’s expected, but doesn’t switch gears entirely.

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI: I’d like to see “The Host” star go all out at the MET Ball with a selection of epic glam proportions. There is so much that can be done with this black lace ball gown from the Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection by Giambattista Valli. With the right hair, makeup, and accessories–there’s so much punk potential. I mean, seriously, how can you deny those matching leggings? I may not have seen this at the Oscars, but I still have red carpet hope.

JASON WU: I was so in love with the dress and trousers style of the Valli that I’m kind of finger-crossing that Diane will that type of combination–which brings me to Jason Wu. Not only are Ms. Kruger and Mr. Wu longtime pals, but she’s also a lady who can wear his designs even better than we see them on the runway. I’d be thrilled to see her take on the MET Gala with this formal crisscrossing red peplum top and black trousers from Wu’s Fall 2013 line. Intense smoky eyes and that gliding red train would make quite the show-stopper.

CHANEL: I have many ideas of what I’d like for Diane to wear, but my gut tells me it’s a possibility that she could don Chanel this year—and that’s quite alright. If Diane arrived at the MET wearing this icy feathered gown from the Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection–complete with the black leather gloves and thigh-high open toe boots, she might just end up with one of the best looks of the night. It’s the costume ball after all–go big. I can envision her rocking this so clearly that I think I’ll actually be truly bummed if she doesn’t. Be-tee-dubbs: she can’t forget that headpiece.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
I love Emma Watson’s approach to the red carpet; she always incorporates the right amount of classic, playfulness and edge given the event. A lot of young ladies could take inspiration from her, in fact, I wish they would. Emma doesn’t tend to stick with one style even though she usually opts for dresses that show off her legs–and lots of color. I’m anticipating many in black ensembles, but I think Emma could be the one to give us a much needed dose of color.

CHANEL: Although I’m counting on color, that doesn’t mean I’m anti-LBD. I think Emma would rock this embroidered sleeveless lace mini dress from the Fall 2013 collection by Chanel. Miss Watson loves her Chanel, and I love this dress. Considering the punk theme of the night, it probably wouldn’t be out of the question for her to throw some leather boots and gloves into either. Remember, it’s “Chaos into Couture”—she doesn’t need to show up in tartan to get her punk point across.

ALESSANDRA RICH: If Em decides to bust out something a little brighter, can it please be this two piece lipstick red look by Alessandra Rich? I’m a tad bit obsessed with the lace crop top and slim belted skirt. I think it could be a brilliant choice for her; just imagine the hair, makeup and dangerous shoe possibilities.

JULIEN MACDONALD: As I said before, Emma loves to show off her legs and wear something colorful—tell me this Julien Macdonald vivid green and blue dress isn’t perfect, I dare you. This plunging micro-mini could be just what we need at the gala this year. I love the balance of pretty color and punk princess edge with the black leather belt and matching hem. I could envision Emma pairing this with a messy ‘do and Tabitha Simmons ankle boots.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
Elizabeth Banks is definitely one of my favorite ladies to look out for on the red carpet, which makes her appearance at this years MET Gala something I’m looking forward to. The “Catching Fire” actress gets to wear straight-off-the-runway perfect punk-glam frocks from Alexander McQueen in the “Hunger Games” sequel this fall when she reprises her role as the eccentric Effie Trinket, so I hope she puts a little Effie-effort into her dress on Monday.

ZUHAIR MURAD: Who says you can’t wear navy blue sequins to a punk party? No one! I would love to see Liz turn up in this sassy floor-length dress by Zuhair Murad with cold shoulder cutouts and a sheer skirt with a dripping sequin effect. The added bonus? We’ll definitely get a good look at her shoes, which is something that doesn’t often happen with long dresses without a slit.

JULIEN MACDONALD: When I picked that green dress for Emma Watson, I ended up spending a long while checking out the Julien Macdonald Fall 2013 collection and decided two things–1: I’m obsessed with this collection. Seriously. I want everything–and 2: Elizabeth needs to wear something from this too. In a collection where there’s a lot of skin showing, I like that this LBD was a tad bit more modest, I love the heavy detail at the front and how it continues down the arms while being framed by wider panels of sheer fabric. It’s definitely got a “rock goddess” quality about it, and I’d love to see Liz do something crazy with her hair and rock this.

VERSACE: Honestly, who heard about the theme of this year’s Met Gala and didn’t immediately think of the Versace Fall 2013 collection? Absolutely everyone. It would be ridiculous for me to let this wish list go forth without at least one pick–or, you know–seven. The reason I picked this yellow patent leather cocktail dress for Liz is because I was reminded of how well she wore Versace and this bright shade of sunshine on the press tour for “The Hunger Games”. This could be a perfect fit for her.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
Kate Bosworth is a regular attendee at the MET Gala every year, so I’m expecting it won’t be any different this time around. Although her feathered Prada ensemble from 2012 would have been a better choice for this year’s theme, I’ve still found plenty of options for her to choose from should she still be contemplating her look this late in the game.

CHRISTOPHER KANE: The Fall 2013 collection by Christopher Kane is stellar, but one of the highlights of the line-for me-would be this sheer panel off the shoulder LBD. It’s your basic black with creative detail, but I believe Kate could do a lot with it. A pair of spiked out heels, dark lips and a bit of a grungy mane could punk it up.

ROBERTO CAVALLI: You’ll find a lot of chain mesh influence in the punk look, so if Kate wanted to add some color into the mix, then I would suggest looking at Roberto Cavalli‘s latest. I love the shade of blue used for this sleeveless shell mini. I’m already picturing Kate in some ankle boots and a slicked back ponytail—and I’m digging the idea. I’d love to see her work some more color in this year then she did with the ombré red feathers.

VERSACE: I couldn’t imagine too many ladies wearing this cropped white top and double slit black skirt from the Versace collection on the red carpet on a regular night—and not looking like they were trying too hard. That being said, the MET Ball is a different ball game entirely. So, basically, if you’re going to wear this heavily belted outfit then it better be on Monday.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
It’s never a dull moment when Florence Welch hits the red carpet, and I’m counting on that at this year’s MET Ball. The Florence + the Machine front-woman will wear anything outside of the normal and either look amazing…or pretty much ridiculous, but either way–it’s always memorable. Remember the Alexander McQueen from last year? I wonder if she’ll opt for something custom by Miu Miu or stick with another of her usual designer faves.

ALEXANDER McQUEEN: Because Flo has been known to run with Sarah Burton’s designs for McQueen, I imagine she’s already checked out this ultra-intense chain mesh creation from the Fall 2013 collection. I can’t even fathom how you get into a contraption like that, but I think Florence would find a way–and I wouldn’t expect anything less. But, should she want something a little more–err, comfortable–then this black and red robe gown from Pre-Fall 2013 is exquisite. The heavy velvet fabric could prove to be a little warm, but it’s been cooler in this evenings lately so it might not be unwearable. I’d love to see Flo rock this.

GUCCI: There’s no way I would dare rule out a Gucci gown from one of the fashion labels biggest fans, and that’s why I picked this long sleeve fishnet feathered design from the Fall 2013 collection. The black and blue would probably only intensify Florence’s vivid red hair. I love the drama, and although it’s not exactly a ripped band tee covered in safety pins–it works.
This is definitely ‘chaos to couture’.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
When asked about her MET Gala dress, Katy Perry told The Cut: “I can’t give too much away, but I picked it out right when it debuted on the runway,” and she hinted “Let’s just say, I’ll be an original punk. I love a theme!” I don’t know about you, but I’m really eager to see what she picked that would have affected her to early. You should never rule out that Katy is going to go with something over the top—who could forget when her dress actually lit up on the red carpet a few years back?

Memorable indeed.

JOHN PAUL GAULTIER: There’s practically a plethora of dresses by John Paul Gaultier that would perfectly suit the theme of this year’s MET Gala, but Katy is only one person and I only have three options to roll with. I would love to see her turn to JPG for her dress, and I believe I found a great option with this spray paint decorated LBD from the Fall 2012 collection with a full and fluffy marabou blue hemline. It’s a little ‘out there’, but do I already need to remind you? She wore a light up dress before!

Although Katy has a long history of wearing tight dresses that show off her curves as well as puffy and colorful prom dresses, she’s been taking a much more elegant approach to the red carpet at recent events this year–and I’m loving every minute of it. I think jaws would drop if Katy showed up at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday wearing this glamorously punk metallic off-the-shoulder gown from Gaultier’s Spring 2013 Haute Couture collection. Styling her raven-black tresses in something spiked out and layering on some punk-inspired jewelry could prove to be perfection.

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD RED LABEL: When I think of “punk fashion”, my mind immediately goes to Vivienne Westwood–and that’s why I believe Katy’s idea of “original punk” could relate back to the designer as well. While I wouldn’t exactly peg Katy for wearing something so constricting as a closed neckline and short sleeves to this particular gala, I love the multicolored zebra print and full skirt paired with plum tights featured in Westwood’s Fall 2013 Red Label line. I’d love to see a bit of altering done to make this suit Katy’s style.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
Jennifer Lawrence is the current face of the Miss Dior handbag line by Christian Dior, and that’s why it’s an absolute given that the “Catching Fire” actress will walk the red carpet on Monday night in either custom couture by Creative Director Raf Simons–or something fierce from recent runway collections. Either way, I’m excited to see what it will be–and how Mark Townsend will style her new shorter ‘do.

CHRISTIAN DIOR: Garbage bag leather is a constant in classic punk style, and that’s why I would love to see Jen turn to this strapless black cocktail dress from the Dior Fall 2013 collection. I think she could really have fun with this because the solid color and fun silhouette makes for a lot of options with shoes, hair and accessories. Jen could also work some spikes into the look with an edgy custom clutch. If she wants to add a little elegance to her punk look, then the houndstooth mini dress with an attached asymmetric black skirt from the same collection could work–especially with those shoes.

Taking it back to the Spring 2013 Haute-Couture collection, I fell in love with this red peplum top and trouser look. I love that blank canvas quality about it, with the simple-yet-bold addition of those floral embroidered gloves, it almost gives the illusion of tattoo sleeves. Um, hello? I would like to think Jennifer has it in her to try something so out of the norm of what we see her in. Trousers and tattoo illusions could be something really out there for her, and I want to see her go for it.
Besides, she can have a lot of fun with her shoes and hair too.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
It would be exciting to see Ashley Greene at the MET Ball this year because she’s starring in the upcoming film about the legendary New York City punk rock club “CBGB”. I’ve never actually seen Ashley go to great lengths to wear anything particularly “rock ‘n roll” inspired, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the opportunity to shock us. I’m hoping for something epic–and it better not be another white or nude dress. Although Miss Greene wowed as the face of DKNY the last year; considering her lack of Donna Karan dresses lately–I’m going to assume she has a few more options this year.

WES GORDON: One of the rare times in which Ashley walked on the edge when it came to her wardrobe was when she joined Wes Gordon for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards late last year. If she attends this big soirèe with the designer, I would dig it if she revisited his Spring 2013 collection for my favorite embroidered flute little black number. This dress is so cool and sexy, and I think Ashley could do a lot with it. I’m picturing sensational smoky eyes and either slicked back hair or a sky-high ponytail. Let’s make it happen Ash.

MARCHESA: Another designer label that comes to mind when I think of the “Twilight” starlet would be–Marchesa. I can’t actually recall a time when she wore it on the red carpet—I don’t think she ever has, but some of my favorite editorials with the actress have had the added bonus of an amazing Marchesa dress. Ashley is very classic and ladylike with her wardrobe choices, and that’s why I see her going for something a little more subtle. I particularly love two dresses from the Fall 2013 collection for her: a full black ball gown and a fancy little bordeaux cocktail dress with a glamorous flounced skirt. Either design would fit the punk rock theme of the evening—but with a touch of Gothic elegance.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
Carey Mulligan was such a shining star last year in her metallic custom made cocktail dress. I’m excited to see what the “Great Gatsby” actress will don on the MET red carpet this year. I’m expecting the beauty to rock some custom Lanvin, Miu Miu or Prada with that short asymmetric ‘do of hers, but there are definitely three particular looks that I’m hoping that she can draw inspiration from.

MIU MIU: I really loved the polka-dot influence on the Fall 2013 collection for Miu Miu, and I’d like to see that worked into Carey’s look in some way. After going so heavily on the metallics already, I wouldn’t want her to repeat that. Something a bit more sleek could prove to be beneficial for her, and if she should wear this exact dress from the runway–I’d like for the straps to be removed, but those dots at the bottom better stay where they are. So pretty.

PRADA: I instantly fell for this red and teal herringbone zip dress from the Fall 2013 collection by Prada and have been hoping to see it worn on the red carpet. Not only is the pattern very punk, but the silhouette as is would actually work well for the theme. With the right shoes, hair and makeup–this might be a winner for Mrs. Mumford. But, if Carey wants something a little more out-there… let me introduce you to this sheer black LBD with beaded net embroidery. If you can see it beneath that full fur coat, then you’re probably just as in love with it as I am now. I’d definitely select this as a major front-runner choice for her.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
It was recently announced that Amanda Seyfried would be joining the Givenchy gang as the new face for the fragrance: Givenchy Very Irresistible. That being said, just like Rooney Mara–I’m expecting Amanda to rock something custom by Tisci that will hopefully knock our socks off more than what she wore to the Golden Globes this year.

GIVENCHY: I pretty much gushed about this collection already, but I really wanted to put some focus on the gorgeous orange, red and gold paisley pattern from the Fall 2013 line. I love the black sheer polka-dotted panels thrown into the mix, and would be very interested in seeing Amanda wear something with the vivid color.

Another style from a previous line that I would like to see revamped for Amanda would definitely be the single sleeve black dress with a panel of geometric prints from the Pre-Fall 2013 collection. The actual dress is probably too loose for Amanda to wear at the Met Ball, but a sleek gown version–or a halterneck reconstructed floor-length design would be amazing.

I picked a purple jumpsuit from the Spring 2010 Haute Couture collection for Rooney earlier in this wish list, and in doing so I came across this amazing cobalt sequined creation. I love whenever Amanda wears bright blue, so I think this is a solid choice for her. As you can see with the models intense indigo eyes–the right makeup could definitely make it punk rock worthy.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
Dakota Fanning may have looked as pretty as a princess last year in her lilac Louis Vuitton gown, but there’s definitely a bit of edge to her personal style that we get a glimpse of ever so often–and, let’s not forget her involvement in the 2009 biopic “The Runaways” about the 1970s all-girl rock band. I would love to see this side of Dakota really emerge on the red carpet this Monday for the punk rock themed MET Gala.

STELLA McCARTNEY: There’s no doubt that if you want to go punk–one of the key designers you should turn to would be Stella McCartney. The British designer has a knack of combining classic silhouettes with an edgy tomboy rocker chick flair. We really need this at the MET Gala this year, and I would love to see Dakota arrive as one of her guests. I originally selected this striped dress as something I wanted to see Kristen Stewart in, but it proved to be too similar to a checkered playsuit she wore recently. Before cutting it from my wish list, it struck me that it’s actually Dakota that would be perfect for it. If she wore this–I’d hope she’d leave the boots involved.

VALENTINO: If Miss Fanning is hoping to add more color into her evening wardrobe, I hope she’ll consider this red patent leather Valentino dress that features a sheer long sleeve yoke and white pointed collar. This little scarlet dress is the perfect blend of punk rock school girl cool–and I desperately want Dakota to wear it.

PROENZA SCHOULER: You may remember seeing this green patterned halterneck Proenza Schouler dress on my Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Wish List last year, and considering I’ve yet to see it on the red carpet, I felt the need to revisit it for the MET Gala. I’d like to see Dakota as a guest of designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez at this year’s fête, and if that should actually happen–it would definitely be the perfect time to break out this fierce beauty.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
I wouldn’t expect to see Dakota at the biggest fashion event of the year without her partner-in-crime—her little sister Elle Fanning! It’s always exciting to see the “Maleficent” star on the red carpet, because whether you love what she’s wearing or not, she keeps it interesting. I love that Elle isn’t afraid to take a risk, and that’s what I’m counting on this upcoming Monday.

SAINT LAURENT PARIS: It can’t possibly be a punk rock wish list without the involvement of the latest Fall 2013 collection by Saint Laurent Paris. That would be just wrong. Granted the line is a bit more grunge than anything, I still found something I’d like to see worn—this adorable plaid short dress and embellished tights. It would be cool if Elle wore this while Dakota donned the Valentino I selected above. Fingers crossed.

CHANEL: If Elle is looking for something a little more glam, then it would only be natural for her to turn to one of her favorite fashion houses—Chanel. In the new Spring 2013 Haute Couture line, I saw this short floral appliquèd layered cocktail dress that I believe would look amazing on Elle. Although I would love for this to be a top pick for her, I wouldn’t want the usual fresh-faced lady to hold back on her hair and makeup…just this once. Please?

RODARTE: Just as powerful as her love for Chanel is the affection Elle has for Rodarte, and that’s why it makes the label a strong contender for the younger Fanning’s wardrobe choice. There are many eye-popping designs from the Fall 2013 collection, but it’s this rosette and tie-dye off the shoulder gown that I believe would really capture Elle’s eye. Although it’s not my top pick for her at this event, I would certainly classify it as a prediction.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
Last year Kate Hudson looked very beautiful in a soft grey off-the-shoulder gown by Stella McCartney, but this year I want to see the actress fully embrace the punk rock theme. After seeing the plunging red Prabal Gurung gown she wore late last year and the Alexander McQueen white gown from the Toronto Film Festival–let’s just say I have high hopes for her.

VERSACE: As a longtime lover of all things Versace, while I predict another Stella McCartney for her–I don’t want to rule out something from Donatella’s Fall 2013 line. That being said, I would like to see Kate tackle this deep purple patent asymmetric cocktail dress. It’s sexy, it’s edgy, and it would flaunt that killer post-baby figure she’s been showing off as Cassandra July on “Glee” this season. However, if Kate’s not game to attempt getting into that complicated sleeve and neckline, there’s always this dangerous little black dress fully embellished with silver studs. A high ponytail, smoky eyes, dagger earrings and cool shoes would really polish it off.

JOHN PAUL GAULTIER: Every single time I go to make a wish list, I always have this John Paul Gaultier beaded Fall 2012 gown as a contender. No matter what the wish list is for–this gown is always a possible part of it. I just can’t seem to shake this beauty and I don’t want to. I personally think I’ve held off because this colorful gown is so perfectly suited for the MET Gala, and I don’t believe there’s any doubt that Kate is just the gal to bring it to life. I think a mane full of messy waves would be needed to fall over the bare shoulder look.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
When I think “punk”, I don’t think of Jessica Biel. I can’t imagine being the only one to feel that way, but I also can’t deny that I’m eager to see what she wears if she should go to the MET Gala on Monday–which I’m assuming she is. Mrs. Timberlake wore a pink gown on her wedding day, so I’m hoping she’ll continue to shock us all.

TOM FORD: As far as predictions go, I imagine Jessica will be dressed by Tom Ford considering her husbands “Suit & Tie” red carpet connections this year—and that’s fine by me. If Jess opts for a Ford gown, I would hope that this sheer black gown is a huge contender. It’s elegant and classic, but also very sexy and it could most certainly work for a glamorous punk appearance. Of course, she’d have to get rid of those bangs. Please.

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI: Like I said before, she wore a pink gown on her wedding day—and it was designed by Giambattista Valli. It would be nice for Jessica to honor her relationship with the designer once again by stepping out on the red carpet in something from the Spring 2013 Haute Couture line, and I think this punk gown and trouser look would be a nice little tribute. I don’t really see soft pink as something for a “Chaos to Couture” theme, but again, this is Jessica Biel. With the right accessories, I think she could do it up big.

VERSACE: I love all three choices I have for Jessica, but if I have a top pick–it would be, without a doubt, this dark purple draped gown from the Fall 2013 collection by Versace with safety pin embellishments. It’s such a great homage to the iconic black gown that both Elizabeth Hurley and Lady Gaga wore, and I think Jess would look amazing in it.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;; Facebook
I feel the same way about Lea Michele as I do with Jessica Biel—I just can’t wrap my head around them going punk. I love being surprised, and that’s what I’m counting on Lea doing at the MET Gala this year should she go. Something tells me she’ll be trying her hand at “punk princess”.

ATELIER VERSACE: Everybody knows that Lea loves her some Versace, and that’s why I predict she will arrive wearing something from either the Fall 2013 collection or custom, of course. If it were my choice, the “Glee” star would arrive on Monday night wearing this bubblegum pink dress from the Spring 2013 Atelier line. I love the cutout sections in the neckline, and it’s a way for Lea to get a bit more feisty than we’re use to seeing from her. It’s not exactly Debbie Harry, but it’s still fun.

MICHAEL KORS: If Lea wanted more of a blank canvas to play with accessories, then I think this black mini dress by Michael Kors with an attached blue peplum train would be perfect. It’s girlie, it’s playful, and it’s cool–it’s also not literal on the punk theme, and that’s exactly what I see Lea doing.

ZIMMERMANN: Now, all of that being said, if Lea actually puts forth a major effort in stepping outside of her usual classic style then this black lace peplum jumpsuit by Zimmermann would be a solid choice. This design is visually cool, and the cutout bodice is so unique and eye-catching that I think it would be risky, but worth it in the end.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
I have to admit that when I heard about this year’s theme for the MET Ball, my first thought was “oh man, this is perfect for Kristen Stewart.” It’s no secret that the “On The Road” star isn’t exactly your everyday Hollywood fashionista, but she wears fashion well, and aside from making films–music is a major love of hers. This will be the fourth consecutive time she’s attending the annual gala; last year she was the guest of former Balenciaga Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière when she was promoting the fragrance “Florabotanica” for the beloved fashion house.

We haven’t witnessed Kristen wear anything by Balenciaga in months, and while it was revealed that she’s still very much involved with the label, I still don’t see her wearing it on Monday. But, hey, anything can happen.

VERSACE: When I think of Kristen attending a punk rock themed anything, my first thought is that she will be in her element, and with that kind of familiarity comes comfort—aka, she won’t want to wear a skirt. I see pants being her go-to, whether it be a suit or jumpsuit and that’s why I selected this look from the Fall 2013 collection by Versace. There are a lot of dresses in the line that she would pull off, but this yellow plaid jacket and leather trousers seem more like something she’d want to wear—and she’d wear it well. Also, I believe I read somewhere that yellow is her favorite color.

JULIEN MACDONALD: I was completely against putting a dress of any kind on this wish list for Kristen, because as I said, I was on a suit and jumpsuit kick, but seriously–look at this knock-out by Julien Macdonald. Sure, he went a little overboard with the gold fringe for the Fall 2013 design, but I still can’t deny that it’s a sick dress and I love that sheer stripe detail. We know how much Kristen loves her some sheer. I think a messy ‘do like what she wore to Cannes and a screening in New York last year would be ideal…along with a pair of booties.

AKRIS: I was on the hunt to find a tuxedo jumpsuit for this wish list, because that’s what I’ve had in mind since day one and this would be the perfect opportunity to embrace the androgynous style she’s so fierce at. Kristen can add punk elements with spiked accessories, shoes, makeup, and hair…but for the core outfit–I’d like something minimal that she can work with. If she doesn’t wear a jumpsuit, I’d like to see her rock a standard tux like this beauty from Akris (sans top) —check out that coattail peeking out! She can add in a ripped vintage band tee or a corset to make it more her own in place of the blouse.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
One of the starlets I’m hoping to see at the MET Gala this year is “The Mortal Instruments” star Lily Collins. Last year she wore something very matronly that I wasn’t on board with, but I’d like to think her style has changed a great deal since then, and that’s why I’m finger-crossing to see her really get into the theme and wow us all on the red carpet.

CHANEL: This was my favorite dress from the Fall 2013 collection by Chanel, and while I could see it being a great choice for Lily to wear—I’m not so sure she could pull off the longer sleeves. I’d like to be proven wrong though. I really dig how the patent collar matches the under layer mini skirt.

MOSCHINO: I tried to stray away from tartan, but as you can see, I’ve failed. I can’t help it though, because–in my defense–this bubble dress from Moschino is just too cool to pass up. There were matching suits from the Fall 2013 collection that I initially wanted to select for Lily–but, this dress is just too much fun.

VALENTINO: I couldn’t let this wish list come and go without including the super incredible illusion collared black-and-white dress from the Fall 2013 collection by Valentino. It’s an edgier take on the iconic Wednesday Addams dress, and that’s why I feel like it needs to be part of a chaotic punk rock night at the MET. I wonder if Lily would go full-on and rock this with braided pigtails.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
I have my fingers crossed that we’ll be seeing Emma Stone on the red carpet again this year, and if the past two years are any indication–I’m thinking she might opt for Lanvin. She wears it so well. I imagine Emma wearing a shorter dress like last year, and keeping her blonde tresses for ” The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ in mind, I believe I found three great options—if she doesn’t go in custom.

LANVIN: There have been two collections released since the Spring 2013 line, but I’ve yet to see this aboradbly glam layered black organza dress on anyone yet. I can’t imagine why because it’s gorgeous! Emma would certain turn some heads in this LBD–and the glittering fabric and oversize neck bow would add a glamorous touch to her punk attire.

My favorite pick of all is this hot pink full-skirted short gown from the Fall 2013 collection. I’m literally obsessed with this choice for Emma, and I feel like with a few adjustments to fit a little tighter in areas it would be amazing. I’d like to see her rock it with flat lace up boots like on the model, or something similar with a chunky heel.

This gorgeous Spring 2013 teal strapless mini dress allows for so many possibilities with hair and accessories. The column fit seems like it would fit Emma’s lean figure well, and I’d like to see her go heavy on the necklaces and wild with the hair.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
Zoe Saldana has been a busy lady promoting “Star Trek Into Darkness” overseas, but I’m hoping to see her back in the states on Monday night to attend the annual MET Gala. With Givenchy‘s Riccardo Tisci as the host, it would be great to see Zoe arrive in a beautiful custom creation. Remember how amazing she looked at the MTV Movie Awards last month?

GIVENCHY: As I mentioned before, garbage bag leather is commonly used when going for a punk look–and I really like the use of it for this layered Pre-Fall 2013 jumpsuit designed by Tisci. It’s sleek enough to hang nicely on Zoe’s svelte frame, but the long train and peplum over the trousers adds a bit of a cocktail touch that makes it wearable for the event. I would hope that, like the model, she didn’t hold back on a fierce pair of shoes.

VERSACE: This is my favorite dress from the Versace Fall 2013 collection, and I want someone to wear it that will do it justice. The plunging neckline of the silver and black embroidered mini makes it easy to be an ill-fitting design for many ladies—but, I think Zoe could handle it and pull it off without error. In the end, whoever wears it–if they do, I can’t wait to see how it’s done.

ALESSANDRA RICH: I’m not usually one for the exposed bra looks, but this gorgeous red and black lace long dress by Alessandra Rich is practically a work of art. I’m in love with the use of color, the feminine style with a touch of “rock chic”—and the bra adds to that. It definitely has a bit of punk inspiration for evening wear that you simply can’t ignore. This is my number one choice to see Zoe in at the MET Ball this year.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
I’d like to see Saoirse Ronan, star of “The Host”, at this year’s MET Gala. I’ve always been into her creative approach to style that’s so far removed from what we typically see on the red carpet, and I feel like she could add a refreshing element to the punk theme this year.

RODARTE: Saoirse Ronan wore Rodarte in 2011 (pictured above), and with the idea that she might repeat the same this year–I’d like to see her try something a little more ‘out there’ with this fringed “mullet” dress. It’s very rock ‘n’ roll, and with the right kind of styling it could work well for her.

PREEN: This plunging neck red, black and white printed dress is quite possibly one of my most favorite dresses out of everything I’ve seen during Fall 2013 Fashion Week. I’m really digging the way PREEN‘s designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi incorporated punk into the line, and that’s why this was “a must” for the MET Gala. I’m not counting on seeing it, but it would be a nice surprise—and one that would look awesome on Saoirse.

RODARTE: After seeing Saoirse rock a jumpsuit on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” recently, I’m kind of eager to see her take that kind of bold approach again on the red carpet. This sheer inset loose jumpsuit from Rodarte‘s Fall 2013 collection should speak for itself. I could see Saoirse ‘werking’ this with a high ponytail and dark lips.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
Marion Cotillard is probably one of the most elegant women on the red carpet, and that’s why it’s kind of hard to wrap my mind around her at a punk party. I’d love to see what she could do with that kind of theme, and I’m looking forward to how that’s going to go down on Monday night. Naturally, she will be in Dior—but what? Custom? Couture? Endless possibilities.

CHRISTIAN DIOR: I love the blank canvas of this black sleeveless dress, from the Spring 2013 Haute Couture, but the ruched sheer side gives it an instant edge that I really think she could play with. I feel the same way about a similar design seen in the new Fall 2013 collection. Marion’s choices with accessories could do wonders, and I’m hoping she takes that chance.

If she’s feeling up to the challenge, but also wants to add a very ladylike touch then I’m all for this plunging neck satin embroidered peplum top and black trousers–another beauty from Spring 2013 Couture. It’s sweet, but sexy, and a slicked back mane and dangerous eye make-up could sensationally intensify this look.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
In less than a year Kerry Washington has easily become one of the top ladies to watch on the red carpet. The “Scandal” star has been hitting so many stylish high notes, especially during the press tour for “Django Unchained”. There’s this effortless approach Kerry takes that literally makes everything she wears look like it was made for her. I’m excited to see more!

WES GORDON: One of the best things about what Kerry wears is that she takes a risk and she’s not afraid of color. I’m mesmerized by the gorgeous tone of this Wes Gordon dress; the ombré effect of gold and rusted orange would look incredible on Kerry. The dramatic draping and cool brocade style would be a little more glam than we’re expecting for the punk rock dress code, but Kerry could make this work. I don’t expect her to arrive in Chucks and a ripped jeans.

VIKTOR & ROLF: What’s not to love about this Viktor & Rolf creation? I don’t know if she’ll turn to the Spring 2013 collections, but if this is an option then I hope Kerry will consider it. I love the solid dark bodice paired with the beautiful metallic pink skirt and fun oversized bow.

JASON WU: I included this dark red sequined Jason Wu dress for Kristen Stewart during my Oscars Wish List a few months ago, but didn’t realize at the time how perfect it would be for the MET Gala. The sheer detail reminds me of what Kerry did at the Golden Globes earlier this year, and we all know how well that worked out for her. I’d love to see her revisit the style for this beauty.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
I have to be honest, I’m a bit apprehensive that anything Nina Dobrev wears this year at the MET Gala could top her custom Donna Karan Atelier from 2012. I’m serious. That dress was insane, and definitely one of my top fashion moments from the fête–ever. Even still, I’m excited and anxious to see what she has up her sleeve, and because of the “Vampire Diaries” stars addiction to changing it up all the time, you never really know where she’s headed. Not only does she keep it interesting, but she and her stylist usually ace it.

VERSACE: This may be an older Versace design–from the Resort 2013 collection, but there’s something so timeless about it despite the modern edginess. It’s a punk-themed evening, and given that, I’d love to see Nina really embrace that and step out in something different for her. I dig the peek-a-boo waist and gold hardware. Bring it on Dobrev.

NAEEM KHAN: It may be because I’m still such a fan of her Naeem Khan look from the Oscar parties a few weeks ago, but it would be cool if Nina revisited the Fall 2013 collection and stepped out on the red carpet in this sexy illusion metallic gown. It also has a touch of ‘rock goddess’ about it, and that could work to her advantage. That being said, if she doesn’t wear it on Monday night–I’d still like to see her select it for a future event. It’s too perfect for her.

REEM ACRA: I included a lot of black dresses on this wish list, but I steered clear of major ball gowns for the most part. Even with all of that, I simply couldn’t stop myself from including this ultra-glamorous gown from the Fall 2013 collection by Reem Acra. It’s hauntingly gorgeous, totally unique, and when I think turning “Chaos into Couture”–it’s one of those creations that immediately pops into my head. I’ve yet to see Nina try a full-on ball gown, and that’s part of the appeal of her wearing this one. Also, that mesh bodice and red embroidery is ridiculously cool. I love it.

2013 MET GALA - WISH LISTPhotos: Zimbio;
I’m not certain that Blake Lively will be attending the MET Gala this year, but it’s rare that she misses it. In fact, considering she’s been laying low since completing filming for “Gossip Girl” and marrying Ryan Reynolds, she may be interested in hitting up this year’s gala and debuting a killer custom creation by Gucci. After all, she is the face of the Gucci Prèmiere fragrance.

MARCHESA: If Blake doesn’t wear a Frida Giannini designed dress like we all expect, then I could see her turning to the designer’s of her wedding gown—Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig of Marchesa. In fact, Blake has worn a Marchesa dress to the MET Ball once before, pictured above. I love the feminine fit of this beautiful draped ballet pink dress, especially the midi length and attached train. Gorgeous red vine beaded embroidery travels down the side to give it some drama, and although it’s not exactly “punk”–with the right jewelry and makeup, I think she could surprise us.

GUCCI: Should Blake wear something straight off the runway from Gucci‘s Fall 2013 collection, I predict it will be this short sleeve mesh feathered creation. It’s a dramatic show stopper, and we all know that Blake does a great job of commanding attention on the red carpet. The only low point is that she wouldn’t be able to show off her mile-long gams. That might be a deal breaker.

VERSACE: Taking a shorter approach brought me to this LBD from the Fall 2013 collection by Versace. I dig the simplicity of the halterneck cut with the added exposed belted bra straps and pounds of spiked out necklaces. Do you see what I mean about playing with a blank canvas? This dress is so cool.


So, let’s hear it! What were your favorites?
Who are you looking forward to seeing at this year’s MET Gala?

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