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Get The Look: Kristen Stewart’s Edgy “Camp X-Ray” Screening Hair – The Cut & Style!

Get The Look: Kristen Stewart's Edgy 'Camp X-Ray' Screening Hair - The Cut & Style!After chopping off her long locks earlier this summer, KRISTEN STEWART debuted an ultra edgy asymmetric crop when she attended the New York City screening of her latest film “Camp X-Ray”. Celebrity Hairstylist GIANNANDREA, who has worked with the star many times in the past, wanted to give Kristen a ‘chic and effortlessly stylish new cut, something to perfectly reflect her personality,’ he explained. “The proportions are extremely important with a short haircut. I wanted to preserve the femininity while still bringing an edge to the look, and using a combination of thinning shears and a razor allowed me to achieve this balance. And of course, we wanted to have fun with it!”

Not only did Giannandrea give Kristen a fabulous new ‘do, but he also took the time to share a breakdown with how he achieved the look. Read on to learn more…

THE CUT: “I began by chopping away the back and the sides of the hair with a pair of thinning shears to help create a steep layered grading and proceeded to razor cut the whole top to give Kristen her edgy, long pointed ends. This cutting technique is playful and softly shapes the neck and cheekbones.”

THE STYLING: “After cutting, I applied Macadamia Professional Foaming Volumizer all over the roots to create a thick base texture. I blow-dried her hair with my hands to lift the roots and directed the front base roots forward without loosing the base volume. After drying hair, I used Macadamia Professional Control Working Spray and sectioned her hair into small and medium sections and used an infrared flat iron on ends. Lastly, I took a dime-sized amount of Macadamia Professional Whipped Detailing Cream and using my fingers, created a deep side zigzag part to swoop over and then twisted each section to finesse the texture.”

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Get The Look: Kristen Stewart's Edgy 'Camp X-Ray' Screening Hair - The Cut & Style!1. Macadamia Professional Foaming Volumizer; 2. Macadamia Professional Control Working Spray; 3. Macadamia Professional Whipped Detailing Cream

Special thanks to The Wall Group and Giannandrea!

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