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Review: Essie ‘Flowerista’ Spring 2015 Collection

Review: Essie 'Flowerista' Spring 2015 Collection
The winter blues have kept me down for too long so I’m eager for spring to hop into full swing! Some gals like to celebrate a new season with their hair color or their lipstick–I get ready for the transition with my nail polish, which is why I was pretty excited to see some of the polishes from the new Essie Spring 2015 “Flowerista” Collection while I was out running errands recently.

One of the coolest things about the “Flowerista” collection is that it marks the first line that Essie collaborated on with fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, the first Global Color Designer for the iconic nail polish brand. Known for her eclectic aesthetic, I’m not shocked that I instantly fell for the fun variety of colors; whether your style is classic or grunge, avant-garde or super girly, there’s definitely a color I think you will dig. Check out the feedback I had to share on the colors I scooped up!


Review: Essie 'Flowerista' Spring 2015 CollectionPETAL PUSHERS
Petal Pushers — This smoky gray creme features hints of purple, which sounds kind of funky but trust me, it’s so good. I wear a lot of dark colors in the winter and sometimes find it hard to transition right into brighter tones when spring hits, but this is a great base color to transition with. I used two coats for coverage; the forumla was great.

Review: Essie 'Flowerista' Spring 2015 CollectionBLOSSOM DANDY
Blossom Dandy — A pale mint creme dream. There’s something about minty shades that always feel super girly to me without having to always go the pink or purple route, which I like. I love how clean and fresh it looks too. I had a little bit of streaking with the application, but it smoothed out well with a second coat.

Review: Essie 'Flowerista' Spring 2015 CollectionGARDEN VARIETY
Garden Variety — A gorgeous bright teal blue creme that is a great bold color for the season. Formula-wise, I initially got ‘jelly polish’ vibes, but after two coats it had pretty good coverage. This one has great potential for staining, so I definitely recommend applying a base coat.

Review: Essie 'Flowerista' Spring 2015 CollectionFLOWERISTA
Flowerista — This deep plum creme with a fuchsia tone is also the namesake of the collection. Personally, I felt the color seemed darker on the nail than in the bottle and photos I saw online — but, either way, it’s a stunner. If you’re looking for a fun color to kick off spring, look no further than this beauty. I had no problem at all with the formula and used two coats.

VERDICT: Overall, I really like the colors this year and would recommend picking up most, if not the whole collection. The all work well with each other (hello, nail art possibilities!) and they pop well against many different skin complexions, which is always nice.


PLEASE NOTE: This collection includes two additional colors: Picked Perfect and Perennial Chic –both are shades of nude. I have yet to get my hands on both but when/if I do, I will update this post.

Review: Essie 'Flowerista' Spring 2015 Collection

Essie’s Spring 2015 Collection will be available later this month online at, salons and local drugstores.

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