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Review: OPI Infinte Shine ‘Soft Shades’ 2015 Collection

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Review: OPI Infinte Shine 'Soft Shades' 2015 Collection
OPI is unleashed a major gel 12 polish collection called Infinite Shine over the summer, but before the release, they had given a little sneak peak with the OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades collection; the 6 pastel shades include a pair of crisp whites, a peachy beige, a pale pinks, a subtle blue, and a shimmery pale grey.

You may have seen the polish around in stores (they came out in May 2015), but I didn’t get my hands onto them until recently. I was very grateful to receive the collection to review, but, unfortunately, I didn’t get the setting gel so I avoided putting them on my nails to test them out. I’ll pick one up at a later date but, in the meantime, I wanted to show you all the pretty colors in the collection — it’s a good thing I had my trusty nail polish tester wheel to display them. Check out all of the colors below!


First things first, I’m not a big fan of gel polish, mostly, because I change my nail color so often that it personally serves no purpose. Actually, even if I didn’t switch colors often, I’m too impatient to wait for the color to cure and then soak off when I have to remove it, so I love that OPI has created a line of polish where you get the look and wear length of gel polish without all the added steps and hassle.

OPI Infinite Shine delivers the rich color, intense shine, and lasting wear of a gel (up to 10 days!) with no light curing required and easy, soak-free removal. The best part is that it’s applied is just three easy steps.

Step 1 – Primer: It actually primes nails for a revolutionary grip on color while preventing staining.
Step 2 – Lacquer: Delivers real depth with ultra-rich, vivid color.
Step 3 – Gloss: Promises gel-like durability – the state-of-the-art formula includes gel polymers that cures to a hard film in natural light, yet removes easily without soaking.

Before I share OPI’s six new Soft Shades for 2015 with you, I’m gonna hit you with a bit more truth– these are very light colors. In fact, they are so light that I had a difficult time getting coverage without my nails showing (with additional gloomy weather), which is why I included them on a nail wheel with the exception of “Eternally Turquoise”.

Review: OPI Infinte Shine 'Soft Shades' 2015 Collection

1. Pearl of Wisdom – A very subtle but shimmering pearl white. I really loved this one as the shimmer made it feel very elegant.

2. Non-Stop White – This is a typical white creme polish. I mean, there may be nothing spectacular about it, but who doesn’t love a nice shiny white polish?

3. Beyond the Pale Pink – A super pale pink, in fact, it’s more like white with a drop or two of pink added to it..

4. Eternally Turquoise – I don’t know if I’d really call this one turquoise. I’d say it’s more of a mint shad, or even baby blue. Either way, it’s probably one of my favorites because I’m getting some actual color.

5. The Beige of Reason – A pretty sheer peach/nude. I wanted this to be opaque or at least be able to achieve it with a few coats, but I used three and it was still pretty sheer.

6. Go to Grayt Lengths – A light gray shimmering with sparkle. I love a bit of sparkle.

Review: OPI Infinte Shine ‘Soft Shades’ 2015 CollectionETERNALLY TURQUOISE

VERDICT: While these colors didn’t necessarily work that well for me, the application and wear time was still great. If I wanted my mani to last for a week, I’d definitely take a look and grab some of the darker OPI Infinite Shine shades. However, if you’re the type to gravitate toward neutral and clean soft shades, you’ll love this collection.


Review: OPI Infinte Shine 'Soft Shades' 2015 Collection

OPI Infinite Shine Soft Shades nail lacquers retail for $9.00 ($10.95 CAN) each at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, jcp Salons, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, ULTA and

For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit ​​ Follow OPI on Twitter ​​@OPI_PRODUCTS​​ and become a ​​Facebook fan!​

Product Review

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