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Get The Look: Lily Collins’ Hairstyle at the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
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Mandy Moore in Cushnie et Ochs | “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon”
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Gwen Stefani in KAUFMANFRANCO | “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”
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Review: OPI - Gwen Stefani Collection

Review: OPI x Gwen Stefani Collection

Product Review

Before I kick off my latest swatch review, I have to say that out of all of the new OPI collections recently released, the collaboration with Gwen Stefani is probably the one I've been looking forward to the most. I was big fan of No Doubt growing up, and have always had a love and appreciation for Gwen's music and eclectic style. She's just... so cool. The mission of this particular collab was to "create a collection as dramatic, diverse and glamorous as its namesake," according to Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder and Executive Vice President. "With crème and glitter hues, new satin matte texture, a mirrored chrome and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, Gwen Stefani by OPI presents the latest in pigments and finishes, while combining elements of haute couture and street fashion." OPI was kind enough to send the collection my way to share a look with all of you, and I couldn't be more excited to do so!
2014 GRAMMY Awards - WISH LIST

2014 GRAMMY Awards – WISH LIST

It's officially Grammy Awards weekend, and I can't wait to see what some of my favorite singers will wear on the red carpet this Sunday during the biggest night in music. You know what that means: it's time for my annual wish list! While one can never really predict what stars like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna will wear--it's still fun to imagine what dresses they'd look great in. I mean, let's face it, Grammy night isn't just about the's about the fashion too.
2014 Golden Globe Awards - WISH LIST

2014 Golden Globe Awards – WISH LIST

It feels like the last year just flew by, but award season is officially upon us--and it continues this weekend with the 2014 Golden Globes! I'm excited to see what nominees like Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Lupita Nyong'o, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Lawrence will wear, but, I'm pretty much eagerly awaiting all the glitz and glamour, and that includes confirmed presenters like Reese Witherspoon and Emma Stone! Enter: My annual wish list. This is the first one of the year for me, and I decided to do something a little different. Instead of my usual 3 suggestions, I've narrowed it down to one--although I've also included many more stars!
2013 Style Verdicts: 14 To Watch in 2014

2013 Style Verdicts: 14 To Watch in 2014

Here are a few rising actresses that I suggest keeping a fashionable eye on in the next year as each lady has the potential of being the style mavens of tomorrow. I have zero doubt that at least one will become one of your next fave fashion stars!

14. ZENDAYA The 17-year-old has probably been a household name for the last three years, if you live in a home where Disney Channel is usually on for most of the day, due to her role as Rocky on "Shake It Up", however, it wasn't until this year that Zendaya really emerged to the red carpet watching masses. The reason for that might have something to do with her stint on "Dancing with the Stars" and recently dropping the chart-rising single "Replay". Zendaya turned up at countless Hollywood events showing off her bold approach to style---which ranges from leafy printed short suits to drapey mature Donna Karan creations, and funky playful skirts paired with edgy leather jackets. It's only the beginning for Zendaya as I think 2014 is going to be a big year for her, so make sure you're paying attention... especially to what she wears!

13. FELICITY JONES I feel like Felicity has been on "rising stars" lists for the last two years and, although she's been totally adorable on her many trips down the red carpet, she's yet to really hit her stride. Felicity wowed at the Toronto Film Festival this year while promoting "The Invisible Woman"

2013 Style Verdicts: Red Carpet Innocent Moments – The Men

Now that you know the 20 Best Dressed Ladies of 2013---on with the 13 Best Dressed Men! See what I did there?

13. ROBERT SHEEHAN Robert practically gave me whiplash when he broke out this paisley printed Dent de Man suit at the Hollywood premiere of "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" this past summer. A man who has the ability to opt for such a bold pattern and rock the heck out of it with glowing white shoes? It would've been simply wrong not to put him on this list.

12. JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER I pretty much liked a lot of what Jamie wore on the press tour for "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones", but I don't think any of them stood out as much as this deep burgundy McQ Alexander McQueen look at the Toronto premiere. I loved the rich tones, and the styling of the shirt, sunglasses, shiny oxfords, and slicked back hair helped bright it all together. I much prefer all of that over too-big suits or combat boots.

11. NICHOLAS HOULT I adore Nicholas and his style, especially the gorgeous deep Tom Ford blue-violet dinner jacket he donned at the punked out MET Ball this year. It may not have been exactly on-theme with the evening, but it's gorgeous, so I can't deny it was one of my favorite menswear looks of the evening...and the year.

2013 Style Verdicts: Red Carpet Moments - The Guilty

2013 Style Verdicts: Red Carpet Moments – The Guilty

There were probably many stars that had a rough year when it came to their red carpet wardrobe, but instead of calling out every bad move, I decided to focus on thirteen looks that I, unfortunately, saw in the last twelve months. Some of them were bad, some were gross, some scary, and some of them...shouldn't have even been created. Let's check out the highlights, shall we?

13. JENNIFER LAWRENCE, “THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE” UK PREMIERE I can appreciate dazzling beaded embellishments being a selling point of a dress, but please tell me how someone looked at Jennifer's envy-inducing figure and decided to put her in something that's so ill-fitting. She was trapped in this satiny fabric that pulled and wrinkled in all the wrong places. The fact that it happened was bad enough, but that it happened at the world premiere of "Catching Fire" was just a downright bummer.

12. ANNE HATHAWAY, ACADEMY AWARDS It might not be the worst thing we saw on the red carpet this year, but those awkward bust point' and the apron design made it memorable enough that I can't forget it was a bad choice for Anne to accept her Oscar award in.

Review: ZOYA Zenith Holiday/Winter 2013 Collection

Review: ZOYA ‘Zenith’ Holiday/Winter 2013 Collection

Product Review

We're quickly approaching Christmas, which means the holiday season is nearing a close and the winter blues will soon be upon us as the days are filled with bitter weather, and the holiday decorations quickly come down. I tend to try to find things to perk me up to beat the 'woe is me' vibe that hits that first day back to work after ringing in the New Year, and I think ZOYA will be a positive contributor this year. The cool team over at Zoya recently sent their "ZENITH" Holiday-Winter 2013 collection my way, and now I can officially show you how a bit of shimmer and vivid sparkle is a key to blasting those winter blues. Be prepared to fall in love with the lively shades below!
Review: OPI Mariah Carey Holiday/Winter 2013 Collection

Review: OPI x Mariah Carey Holiday/Winter 2013 Collection – Part III (Liquid Sand)

Product Review

For the final installment of my review of the OPI x Mariah Carey Holiday-Winter 2013 Collection, I give you the ultra-gorgeous group of liquid sands. These textured glittering polishes are definitely on-trend with the latest nail craze, and it's just an extra perk that they're so pretty. I've said it before, but OPI's Liquid Sands are some of the better textured polishes that have come out this year. I love the formula, they dry great and looks just as beautiful with a top coat. Make sure you also check out my thoughts on the CREMES & SHIMMERS (Part I) and the GLITTERS (Part II)! FYI: For the swatches below I used two coats for each and without a basecoat.
Review: OPI Mariah Carey Holiday/Winter 2013 Collection

Review: OPI x Mariah Carey Holiday/Winter 2013 Collection – Part I (Cremes & Shimmers)

Product Review

My favorite time of year is here, and 'tis the season to be jolly---and load up on festive nail polish! Why should the decorations get all the shimmer and glitter when you have a set of nails that need some holiday cheer? Mariah Carey, who knows a thing or two about celebrating Christmas, teamed back up with OPI to create a beautiful Holiday/Winter 2013 line filled with shades and gleaming textures to make sure you take a bit of the holidays everywhere you go. The OPI crew sent me the collection to review, and after I did an elf-tastic happy dance, I got to work on swatching it--while jamming to Mariah's Christmas albums, mind you. This collection has 18 polishes (Note: Not including the Pure 18K Gold & Silver Top Coat - $30, Ulta), which proved to be too hefty to fit in one post without overwhelming you all, so I broke it into three. First up: the CREMES & SHIMMER formulas, but make sure you check out the GLITTERS and LIQUID SANDS!
'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Press Tour Wish List: Elizabeth Banks & Jennifer Lawrence

“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” Press Tour Wish List: Elizabeth Banks & Jennifer Lawrence

Welcome, welcome, welcome to my wish list for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" press tour! I've been counting down the days to the release of this movie all year and have been highly anticipating all of the fashion we'll see when the stars get together to promote this month. Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Lawrence had hit after stylish hit last year, so it goes without saying that the bar is raised this time around. I have many hopefuls that I'd like to see either lady wear, so I hope some of those odds are in my favor. Either way, it was fun to make this list and I'm excited to see what Liz and Jen have in store. Look on, read on, and enjoy!
Review: China Glaze Monsters Ball Halloween 2013 Collection

Review: China Glaze ‘Monsters Ball’ Halloween 2013 Collection

Product Review

I'm a holiday nut to the core---ask anyone who knows me. I pretty much count down until September 1st so that I can celebrate my four favorite months that involve Fashion Week (okay, so that's not an official holiday), Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. One of my favorite ways to celebrate the season is by playing around with nail art, so needless to say, I look forward to all the themed collections from some of my favorite nail brands. CHINA GLAZE literally hits the nail on the head every year for Halloween with a boo-tastic collection of colors and glitters to create some of the prettiest--erm 'creepy' looks. The folks over at CG were kind enough to send their latest "Monsters Ball" Collection my way so that I could give you the scoop on what you'll need to be wearing on your nails on All Hallows' Eve! Let's boogie...
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