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Pumped Up Ponytails!

Pumped Up Ponytails!

It’s common knowledge that most of the everyday hair trends we use begin on the runway. Whether it’s the look-like-you-have-dirty-hair-but-not-actually-be-dirty style; slick pin straight hair with a center pair, and the most recent craze over the “top knot” —  the models on the catwalk always inspire.

Last month during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week we saw lots of interesting looks and some so-so styles, but Donna Karan took a common “old” favorite and made it “new” and “trendy” all over again.

The models walking in the Donna Karan Collection Spring/Summer 2012 runway presentation strut down the runway wearing tribal print fabric, dark lips, lots of attitude — and swinging blunt-end ponytails fastened with long cuff bands to play off the exotic essence of the show!

Let’s face it — for most of us — it’s a process just to get out of the house every morning; we’re always looking for the easiest way to get ready without looking like we rushed out the door.  When it comes to our hair it’s usually one of three choices: leave it out, throw it in a ponytail or twist it up in a bun.

Now that we’re on the horizon of harsh winter weather, I love the idea of just slicking back my hair into a tight high ponytail and adding a little flair to it with a bracelet cuff to take it from plain to fabulous in an instant! It keeps the wind from blowing strands in my face or getting pieces caught in my coat and/or scarf.

I’m not sure I could go that length of the cuff, but I’m totally into the concept of not showing off the elastic band in my hair. When it was much longer I use to wrap part of my hair around the band to conceal it, but if I took it out at some point during the day I’d have one piece that was obviously way wavier than the rest of my hair. Adding a cuff is way easier and quicker with the same chic results.

Di Manno Designs Hair CuffsI’m late to the party and just came across accessory designer Stefany DiManno’s Di Mannno Designs collection of hand-crafted hair cuffs that she has for every fashionable preference. If you have classic taste, try the Canvas Cuff; if you want to show off your inner glamazon then you’ll love her Crystal Cuffs! Get a little animal-istic with her cool exotic skin collection featuring croc, zebra, python, and animal print styles. If you simply embrace a ‘Plain Jane’ attitude, Di Manno Designs also has a variety of solid color leather styles.

There are moderate widths, but don’t be afraid to go to exaggerated lengths like the models seen at Donna Karan. DiManno has something for everyone and you can check them all out at her Di Manno Designs site!

Photos:, Di Manno Designs

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