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Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney | “My Valentine” Video Premiere Hosted by Paul McCartney & Stella McCartney

Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney | 'My Valentine' Video Premiere Hosted by Paul McCartney & Stella McCartneyPhotos: FilmMagic;; (below); Reuters
Kristen Stewart was one of the many A-list celebs at the star-studded Stella McCartney bash tonight at the designer’s Los Angeles shop. The event was in honor of Paul McCartney’s new music video premiere for his single “My Valentine”, featuring cameos by Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman.

The 22-year-old “Snow White and the Huntsman” actress arrived looking very school girl-meets-“Heathers”, wearing a black cotton blazer and a gorgeous cobalt blue wool crepe skirt from McCartney’s Fall 2012 collection.

Kristen paired the pieces with a white H&M sleeveless woven blouse and layered on a pretty, vintage Cartier pendant necklace.

First, it was the blazer with leggings on the “Today” show… and now a blazer with a skirt? I think Kristen is slowly, but surely working her way into the cool and sexy androgynous look that I know she can pull off.

As for her hair, it styled in her signature effortlessly edgy unkempt way.

She finished off the look with siren red lips and a pair of comfy black faux patent “Morgana” loafers, also by Stella McCartney. This left her with zero need to change out of pumps into casual sneakers. I’d like to see her in flats more often, they work for her, they’re easier for her and they fit her style.

Leave your thoughts about Kristen’s look in the comments below!

H&M Sleeveless Woven Blouse Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney | 'My Valentine' Video Premiere Hosted by Paul McCartney & Stella McCartney Stella McCartney MORGANA Patent Loafers

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  1. Leigh

    I love the look. You’re right courtney justice, masculine/feminine look is an acquired taste. I just love how Kristen put up these pieces. It’s unconventional yet she was able to pull it off. That’s fashion. It’s an art. We should always take risk to bring out the beauty of a piece. We don’t want to be repetitive with our creation right? Kay pointed out her Mulberry last year and I agree that she looks gorgeous there too. But that’s a different creation and I don’t want to see that again. I want something fresh. I have to disagree with Kay about the shoes too. It looks cool with the outfit.

  2. Kay

    I love Kristen but this was a miss for me, unfortunately. Don’t like any of it. Hair and makeup don’t match the outfit (which i know some people love – rocker meets Catholic school girl), and shoes are hideous. They shorten her legs. If she wants to wear flats what’s wrong with a great ballet flat? Maybe Kristen refuses to wear them, who knows. @dysfahional said she had cankles which is ridiculously mean and exaggerated but her glorious gams were not showcased enough. Granted sometimes I wish she’d wear something other than minis but this wasn’t the right length skirt and/or shape.Don’t like the buttoned-up oxford. i know the masculine/feminine look is a trend and Parisian women are wearing them everywhere right now (so my friend says who’s living there) but it’s just too severe for her. I’ve decided I don’t like the heavy lip on her, at least not full lipstick. Perhaps a lip stain would have been better. Her eyes are her greatest facial feature and I much prefer the more subtle makeup style of Jillian Dempsey (ha, watch she did do her makeup) with the heavier eye/paler lip – this looks like Beau Nelson did it which is odd, he’s usually for east coast appearances. I didn’t like her Welcome to the Rileys premiere or Jimmy Fallon Runaways promo makeup, either. I understand they went with Kristen’s natural hair texture, but for this outfit I would have loved to have seen a side ponytail perhaps with volume at the crown, or straightened like at the Mulberry show last fall. But I do love how different she looks every time and isn’t afraid to take a risk. And let’s face it, she’d look gorgeous in a mumu and being invited to an uber private event to support none other than Sir Paul McCartney trumps all. Aren’t you glad you asked? lol

    • Courtney Justice

      Whoa, you’re very detailed – but I love it! The masculine/feminine look is definitely an acquired taste, but I agree with appreciating the fact that she takes a risk. One-dimensional style can get boring — and Kristen is never boring. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  3. jeans

    Couldn’t she wash her hair before she went out? She looks filthy.

  4. kimmy

    Hi! Is that Kristen’s own Cartier necklace or she’s just borrow it?

  5. M7

    Kristen looks amazing.

  6. Marcela

    Kristen is so beautiful she looks gorgeous in everything!! i lovee how she varies her looks she never wears the same, Kristen has become a big role model in fashion but she always has that look that identifies her and makes her who she is! that´s what i love about her!

  7. hite816

    Yikes, this look is tragic.

  8. Marie

    she looks even more “disguised” as usual …. what are these clothes?!

  9. Gymnast216

    I LOVE this outfit! My only complaints are that I think the shirt should be worn 2 inches higher on her waist and her hair should have been styled a little differently, either less volume or pull that volume into a ponytail. But can not explain how much I love the red lip with the colored skirt!

  10. Lyn

    I loved this look + I agree about the loafers, she should wear them more often, they suit her!


    I like the outfit it’s cute but I don’t like those shoes for a woman they look like they are more for a man however; if anyone can pull them off it’s Kristen Stewart!!!! 😀

  12. Tilda Donner

    Was it a new look or a “well no studio is going to pay for my glam prep so I have to go at this hair myself” with a discount drug store hair product and a blow dryer w/diffuser attachment. Why did she have to muck about with Heathers?! Throwing up in my nose at that.

  13. Emily

    Nope, didn’t like it. Too secretary. Not enough of Kristen’s style. Skirt is nice, but that’s the only thing I liked about it. Liked her KCA look so much better.

    Wasn’t impressed with the makeup either. Not sure why – I just didn’t like the bright red lip I guess.

  14. Ro

    Love the whole look – great simple pieces that rock together and the red lips tie everything together.

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