Your First Fashionable Look at Twilight’s “Breaking Dawn: Part 2”!

Your First Fashionable Look at Twilight's 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2'!Photo: EW Facebook
The final film in the “Twilight” saga is getting closer and closer with every week, and Entertainment Weekly is celebrating the November release of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” with a special summer edition cover.

Today EW released this exclusive photo of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as their newlywed vampire alter egos Edward and Bella Cullen as they shield their daughter Renesmee (played by actress Mackenzie Foy) from view.

I could go on and on about how I can’t wait for the film’s November 16th release, but let’s focus on the clothes right now.

My, my how Bella’s wardrobe has changed from her usual jeans, canvas jackets and sneakers from the first four movies. In this shot, Mama B is rocking some sexy grey and black structured equestrian-style “Kasia Jobpur” pants by Michael Stars.

Her vibrant reddish-brown tresses cascade over an edgy, antique black Belstaff “Bella” leather jacket. Nice name. 😉

Seems like all her shopping lessons from vamp sister-in-law Alice have paid off because Bella is definitely following the trendy path with her scrunched socks peeking out of her lace up leather, high heel ankle boots.

Edward looks quite chic himself in dark wash jeans, leather hiking boots and a sharp grey Belstaff cadet jacket.

I originally saw these outfits when they were on display at a convention last year, and was able to identify the brands then. I was a bit skeptical on how they would work in the film, but I have to say, they look better on the actors then they do on mannequins.

The countdown to November is officially on!

Your First Fashionable Look at Twilight's 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2'!Photos: Belstaff; Urbanmix.com

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    Those brown pants that Jacob wears in Breaking Dawn part 2,what brand are they? Thanks!!!!

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    Hi, can you ID her boots?

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    love it! 🙂 Although.. I think theres something a little ‘off’ with “Edward”‘s hair?

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