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Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney | MET Gala 2013

Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney | MET Gala 2013Photos: Zimbio; Stella McCartney
WHO: Kristen Stewart
WHERE & WHEN: 2013 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala – PUNK: Chaos to Couture on May 6, 2013.
WEARING: Head-to-toe Stella McCartney

MY VERDICT: Leave it up to Kristen Stewart to do the exact opposite of what you expect her to do. There wasn’t a scrap of tartan or a Chuck in sight when the “On The Road” actress arrived on the red carpet as a guest of designer Stella McCartney. Kristen wore a dramatic bordeaux silk long sleeve jumpsuit with panels of lace embroidery. First of all–I’m so excited she wore a jumpsuit. This may not have been one of my Wish List picks for her, but I had my completely heart set on a jumpsuit and she delivered. I like that there was an approach to punk taken here by incorporating some femininity into it. Kristen has a natural punk vibe about her that she didn’t need to be cliché, and that’s why this works for her better than it would for someone else.

As predicted, she was in her element.

I’m still holding out for her to wear a tuxedo one day, and that gives me something to look forward to.

Kristen’s hairstylist opted for a “greaser boy” ‘do. It was a cool and unique idea, but I can’t deny that a faux hawk or something where she had a little hair left out would have been ideal. I’m loving those garnet smoky eyes and blood red lacquered nails.

A sick pair of spiked-out Stella pumps and a gold minaudière with a ruby clasp helped polish it all off.

Stella McCartney Gold Minaudiere with Ruby Closure

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  1. Lombardo.

    No entiendo ni jota.

  2. Ann

    She’s one of the few who nailed the punk theme last night! Loved it!

  3. Emily

    I don’t know why everyone just loves her and her looks. This is absolutely awful.

    People call this “punk”? Please. This is a gay girl dressed up as a boy trying to pass off as a straight girl.

    She looks like she has two black eyes, and didn’t even want to go to this thing. If you don’t want to go, don’t go.

    The red carpet would have been a lot better without her presence.

  4. Ronnie

    Well, I was totally surprised! I was expecting something short and sassy, but this was at least a little in line with the theme of the show, which I think most attendees didn’t stick to. I am not a fan of the suit, maybe if it were shorts?? I did love the shoes though, and the hair could have been slicked back, but maybe a full on ponytail instead of the bun… Makeup was perfect!

  5. cris k

    She is amazing and has a lot of credibility!! Unique style! I love Kristen in her style, the way casual and nonchalant!!

  6. Sisi

    She’s one of the actress still stay in theme #PUNK at MetGala and i love her outfit.

  7. Snow White

    This looks more like a playsuit for a five year old who wants to be a matador than a punk jumpsuit. I’m sorry, but this is just ugly. There isn’t one single flattering element. The high round neckline makes her neck look short, the pants make her look hippy, it cuts her leg at an unflattering point, giving her cankles. There’s not even a hint of a bustline, it makes her look flat as a pancake.

    If the idea of punk was to make her look like a boy in his sisters playsuit, then that was achieved. Some color on her lips would have helped. That close up with the swept back hair just makes her big ears stand out even more, and highlights what a thin upper lip she has. She would have looked better in any of the 3 outfits you chose for her. She should fire her stylist and hire you.

    • Fashion Court

      It’s definitely a different look for her, and I appreciate your passion. With Kristen it’s always “expect the unexpected”.

  8. kstewfan

    I LOVED it! I’ve read so many comments that disagree, but the truth is that she looks amazing. She never wears what people expect her to wear…that’s what makes her perfect. Her make-up is flawless! Kristen didn’t have to wear a dress embroided with all kinds of crazy things because FOR HER simple is always better. This jumpsuit was made for her and she rocked it.

  9. lp

    Her looks at the MET Ball are alway awful … 🙁 But I still love her haha 🙂

  10. Lanie

    I loved her androgynous hair, it made her look.

    • Fashion Court

      I just wish some had been left out–somewhat like her AFI “On The Road” screening last year.

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