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Kristen Stewart in Chanel Couture | “Clouds of Sils Maria” Premiere – 2014 Cannes Film Festival

Kristen Stewart in Chanel Couture | 'Clouds of Sils Maria' Premiere - 2014 Cannes Film FestivalWHO: Kristen Stewart
WHERE & WHEN: “Clouds of Sils Maria” Premiere during the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 23, 2014.
WEARING: Chanel Haute Couture jumpsuit, Christian Louboutin shoes & Chanel Fine Jewelry.

MY VERDICT: Kristen returned to the Cannes Film Festival for the second time tonight to celebrate the “Clouds of Sils Maria” premiere. Fresh off of a jet from shooting a movie in New Orleans, which caused her to miss the photocall this afternoon, the 24-year-old–and face of the latest Chanel campaign–walked the red carpet in a shimmering iridescent sequin-embroidered, nude lace sleeveless jogger jumpsuit from the Spring/Summer 2014 Haute Couture collection by the French fashion house.

The designer didn’t come as a surprise, but the outfit sure did.

I expected to see Kristen in this jumpsuit at one point, albeit at a place a little more low-key. I never thought she’d opt for a major gown, but I was counting on a formal dress. The fact is that Kristen has always played on the edge when it comes to her look and that makes her way of ‘going big’ something that makes an impact in a way you wouldn’t expect. This will get mixed reviews, sure, but that tends to happen with those who don’t play it safe.

I really like this; there’s an aspect that feels casual, but her relaxed confidence makes it work. This outfit is Kristen to a tee.

Smoky eyes balanced out a matte neutral lip while Kristen’s vibrant red hair looked beautiful styled in Veronica Lake-inspired waves. She finished with nude Christian Louboutin “So Kate” pumps and a diamond Chanel Fine Jewelry 1932 Plume bracelet.

UPDATE: Kristen headed to the premiere after party and switched out her pumps for Chanel Haute Couture sneakers!

Christian Louboutin 'So Kate' 120mm Nude Patent Pumps Chanel Fine Jewelry 1932 White Diamond Plume Bracelet

Kristen Stewart in Chanel Couture | 'Clouds of Sils Maria' Premiere - 2014 Cannes Film FestivalKristen was joined by costars Julianne Binoche and Chloe Grace Moretz (far right) as well as director Olivier Assayas.

Photos: Zimbio;; Christian Louboutin; Chanel

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  1. bluebird

    KRISTEN STEWART is sexier than the original CHANEL model!!!

  2. bluebird


  3. S

    Gotta say this outfit on the model is not my favorite at all, but of course once its on Kristen she gives this outfit life. Its beautiful a perfect color against her skin tone it could’ve easily washed her out but it didn’t. Love that she went with a nude shoe as well it pulls the outfit together. I have to say she’s the only actress I know that can make tattoos and orange hair blend well with Chanel. I hope they extend her contract because she is slaying as the face of Chanel.

    • Fashion Court

      I understand that it’s for her role in “American Ultra”, but I dig the color on her and think she should stay a ginger for awhile. Maybe she could dye the whole thing–much like Riley Keough or Christina Hendricks.

      • S

        oh yeah I get that I love the hair color on her as well and I agree I hope she keeps that color for awhile the dark roots are actually growing on me so going full ginger or staying this way works either way. she can rock any hair color.

      • RRR

        I love the hair color too! Fix up the roots and keep it. Her next movie (at least that we know about, for all we know she could have one on the DL that is unknown at this point) is not scheduled to film until August, so she’ll have two months off. It’s a fun color for summer.

  4. conniecappadonia’

  5. kelly

    I love her in this outfit love her “guppie eyebrows” mak up and I LOVED IT EVEN MORE with the trainers or shall I say sneakers? later on….Not keen on this seasons “roots” hair colouring or lack of it BUT hey hoe thats the beauty of fashion it holds no prisoners 😀

    • CannesFash

      Quick clarification: the hair color is a by-product of American Ultra, the movie she’s currently shooting in Nola with Jesse Eisenberg. There have been numerous pics (and comments) over the last 5-6 weeks…

  6. Andrea

    Good outfit for her, it’s too bad she didn’t just choose a lower heel so she could keep them on for five minutes. Don’t like her eye make up at all, and they gave her guppie eyebrows, never a good look. Just found out that Chanel funded the movie, which explains why she and the director showed up at the Chanel show in Paris last year, and how she got the part.

    • Dee

      LOL. “How she got the part.” She has known the producer for years, and the director as well. Chanel didn’t get her any part. Stay pressed.

  7. kdelle1

    Omg I literally have tears for this girl.She manages to rise above everything thrown at her and I’m so proud of her.She’s stunning and she deserves all the good things coming her way,well done Kristen,go out their and take the movie and fashion world by storm!

  8. jbrad

    Put all the comments in one word she was The Belle of The Ball,Flawless.

  9. Emma

    Straight off a plane and amazing! Was not impressed with that pantsuit when the Chanel runway pic — but then Kristen puts it on and somehow transforms it into something fantastic and effortless looking.
    Rather a miracle worker that way.

  10. Anne-Marie

    Chic yet sober! And… Totally her! Perfect after a long and tiring flight!

  11. RRR

    SLAY! That is all.

    Actually, I’ll add that if anyone can work a jumpsuit on the Cannes red carpet, it’s this girl. Huge day for her, between the fashion and the raves she is getting for her performance.

  12. Mona

    Beautiful, flirty, SEXY!!!!

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