Courtney JusticeI grew up in an entertainment and fashion influenced household; therefore, I must have inherited my “ear for music” and “eye for fashion”.   My New York City native parents spent 20+ years in the music and entertainment business focused on artist relations, bookings, promotion and production.  Years before that partnership, my father produced runway shows for Celebrity Sportswear and 500 Francs for Melba Moore, then launched one of the most successful denim collections of our time, Sasson.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t born in time to model those jeans or tag along on concert tours; I grew up envious that my sisters had the opportunity to experience The Victory Tour while I was nearly born during a Smokey Robinson concert in Hawaii. Yeah, that’s my only bragging right.  I possess a passion for music and acting, and would have loved it if I could have grown up on the Broadway stage!

Most of my childhood (since age 4) was spent in a dojo studying martial arts; I know, talk about a 180-turn!  Once I learned how to use a computer I knew I wanted to focus on building my place on the web.  I worked with my sister to promote local musical talent and then launched an online entertainment magazine (long before they were trendy).  As self-taught designers, we took on projects for web development; branding, identity packaging, viral and street-team promotions.   Wow, I’ve been designing for the last ten years!  As young adults we were managing real businesses for others and ourselves since our parents registered , incorporated and legalized our work…today, we Courtney Justicemanage our proprietary sites and I still hold the positions as fashion editor and offer consulting services as style consultant to CEO’s  under The Cournell Group ; but, this story isn’t about “the work”…it’s all about my love for fashion.

Not tall enough to model, not patient enough to style hair and apply make-up; however, I do have a love, passion and the “eye” for it.   I’ve always been told that I have an uncanny way of memorizing information after minimal review.  Some call it a photographic memory or an “eye of a hawk“; some say it’s a gift and of course that is true, but the fact is that I pay attention to detail…and always have.  My mom used to ask me to “name that tune” and I could name [mostly] any song in just a few seconds… these days I play “name that style”… but I play on my own (thank goodness I have a faithful interactive audience, or it would be lonely).   At a young age, I modeled my dollhouse to replicate an actual home; I would recite TV commercials and movies verbatim… what was the huge return?  I have developed this sixth sense to identify the designers of what someone was wearing head-to-toe.

Along the journey, I have turned hobbies into legitimate businesses and for the past several years I have leveraged my talent and time conducting artist interviews as editor for Fanvasion and style management as fashion editor; two years ago I realized that I could expand the talent of identifying celebrity style … I never imagined the value of randomly spotting a girl on the street and tell a friend what she was wearing – from her earrings to her shoes. I’d do the same thing looking at a magazine cover or watching an awards show. While everyone around me brushed it off as unimpressive, I took that talent to another level as it became a huge benefit for managing our site TreeHillStyle.com dedicated to reporting the fashion of the popular television series “One Tree Hill“; which has been aired for nearly a decade.  We also manage the official music site for the show, OTH-Music.com.

Courtney JusticeTo my surprise, I stumbled across a site where I could put my eagle vision to the test; for the past two years I have lent my eye as a major contributor to Coolspotters and OMG this was my new home!  I could “spot” what the stars were wearing (usually at first glance) and after gaining momentum I decided to share the news on Twitter.   I noticed early on that my followers were more passionately interested in my ID’s, as well as my thoughts on what “she” was wearing along with my fashion advice; it was time to start blogging.

Obviously, I’m not the first celebrity fashion blog, nor the first celebrity “IDing” fashion blog; I won’t be the first blogger to critique and I won’t be the last. I’m not here to harshly judge appearances, but I won’t pretend to like something either.  I’m not the fashion police, just the fashionable reporter.  I have many favorite designers and over the years have made great friendships and alliances in the industry. One thing for certain is that I am respectful to all my followers and I appreciate everyone’s position in the industry; it’s a difficult business and we all work hard.  I’m happy to have a home where I can publicly gush over what I love and have a voice in the things I don’t.  One thing I know for sure is that I am in good company, surrounded by people who love and appreciate the finer things in life.

I’ve been called “the style guru” and “the CIA of fashion” which is funny because my mother told me I’d make a great detective or lawyer since I have research in my blood; and leave no stone un-turned when it comes to revealing the facts of every detail.  I took her advice. She probably just didn’t think my “court of law” would be this one.

More about me?  I love my family, love Christmas, I believe in God and Oh my Gucci… I love leopard print!